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Balkan developments

Belgrade will host EXPO 2027‎ Between 5 candidates from 4 continents, the General Assembly of the International Bureau of ‎Exhibitions (BIE) in Paris chose Belgrade to host a specialized international exhibition - ‎EXPO 2027. ‎ Between the two..

23.06.23 12:58 |

The Panagyurishte gold treasure is the climax of new exhibition at the British ‎Museum

Visitors to the British Museum in London can now marvel at one of Bulgaria’s most ‎emblematic archaeological discoveries - the Panagyurishte gold treasure - as part of a ‎thematic exhibition entitled "Luxury and Power: From Persia to Greece” .  The..

16.05.23 17:15 |
Edirne epopee monument in Sofia

Today marks Thrace Day

In Bulgaria’s cultural and historical calendar 26 March is the day of Thrace. Since 1914 it has been marked in memory of the soldiers killed near Edirne in the fields of Thrace, as well as of the tragedy of the thousands of Thracian refugees..

26.03.21 06:25 |

New video presents the mysteries of Bulgarian wine from Thrace region

A video for the promotion of Thracian wine produced in Bulgaria's Thrace region has been filmed as an important element of a project of the Bulgarian Association of Wine Producers and Exporters to promote Bulgarian wine , and in particular wine..

26.01.21 13:28 |

Bulgaria marks Day of Thrace

On March 26, Bulgarians mark the Day of Thrace and 106 years of the Edirne Epopee. On this day, we pay respect to the feats of the Bulgarian warriors who lost their lives in fights in Thrace and during the Siege of Edirne, as well as to the memory of the..

26.03.19 16:03 |
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