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A week dedicated to love and wine takes place in Tryavna

Week of Wine and Love starts today in Tryavna. The initiative is part of the international celebration of Marriage Week, therefore the wedding rituals during this period will be performed free of charge by the mayor of the municipality, Dencho..

07.02.24 07:55 |

Museum dedicated to the architecture of Tryavna opens doors

The architectural masterpieces of Bulgaria’s Tryavna will be presented in a new museum exhibition in the town. The museum, dedicated to the Tryavna school of architecture, opens doors today in the oldest house in the town –..

26.10.23 11:59 |

Girls from the Gabrovo region reenact the lazaruvane custom

For yet another year, the girls from the "School for Lazarki" at the Etara Ethnographic Museum, near Gabrovo, recreated the custom of lazaruvane , BTA reported. 5 7 girls from Gabrovo, Dryanovo and Tryavna took part in the ritual as they filled..

08.04.23 17:25 |

Guests in Tryavna have free access to an audio tourist guide

Tourist audio guide for Tryavna is now available to guests to the town. The mobile application is free and is available in Bulgarian and English. The mobile application gives an opportunity to every tourist, who has decided to..

26.06.22 16:26 |

Competitors from 27 countries participate at Tryavna Ultra mountain marathon

840 participants from 27 countries stand at the start of the mountain ultramarathon "Tryavna Ultra". The competition is held for the sixth year in the heart of Stara Planina Mountain. The start and finish are on the square in the picturesque town of..

16.07.21 18:22 |

The breath of ghost villages or the music of silence

Wind in the branches, birdsong, raindrops and cracking glass from broken windows – this is what Bulgaria’s ghost villages sound like. In the region around Tryavna, a small town in the Balkan Range, there are some 100 old villages and..

14.03.21 08:00 |

Students’ exhibition at Bulgarian Academy of Science reveals beauty of Tryavna, Melnik and Sofia

Students from the Sofia-based High School of Applied Art “St. Like” set up their drawing stands in centuries-old towns to depict the picturesque churches, bridges, streets and houses. The drawings united in the framework of the European..

08.11.18 16:32 |
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