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Kornelia Ninova

Coalition partners could not reach agreement on deal for new F-16 fighter jets

The ministers of "BSP for Bulgaria" have left the meeting of the Council of Ministers, where the offer received from the USA for a second batch of eight F-16s and the progress of the negotiations were discussed. The news was reported to..

28.07.22 19:17 |

Ambassador Herro Mustafa wishes success to new Bulgarian Ambassador to the U.S. Georgi Panayotov

The new Ambassador of Bulgaria to the United States, Georgi Panayotov and the US Ambassador to Sofia Hero Mustafa have pointed out the strength of bilateral relations and the importance of a strong partnership in NATO, the US..

15.06.22 09:46 |

The White House announces nomination for new US ambassador to Bulgaria

US President Joe Biden has nominated Kenneth Merten for new ambassador to Bulgaria in place of Herro Mustafa, who has been ambassador to Sofia since 2019. The nomination must be approved by the Senate in Washington. Kenneth Merten..

09.06.22 09:00 |

Draft memorandum for economic cooperation between Bulgaria and the United States has been approved

At today's meeting, the Council of Ministers in Sofia approved a draft Memorandum of Economic Cooperation between the United States and Bulgaria. The memorandum will support economic cooperation between the two countries in their efforts to further..

08.06.22 18:19 |

The United States is helping Bulgaria at a critical time

We are reaching out to Bulgaria at a time when Russia has slammed its doors on it. This was what US Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, Dr. Karen Donfried, said in her speech at the Business Breakfast..

19.05.22 13:32 |

The United States support Bulgaria’s fight against corruption

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who is on a visit to the United States, spoke at the World Bank headquarters in Washington about provision of technical assistance for reforms in Bulgaria, as well as about infrastructure, healthcare and..

10.05.22 10:02 |

US Embassy in Bulgaria posts on war in Ukraine

"We bring to your attention: the truth! The Kremlin likes to say that it does not seek to redraw borders - however, the residents of Ukraine and Georgia may disagree with that ," the US Embassy in Bulgaria wrote in social networks...

22.04.22 15:07 |

US Secretary of Defense is now in Bulgaria

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has landed at the Bezmer Air Force Base. At the invitation of Bulgarian Minister of Defense Dragomir Zakov, Austin is on a two-day working visit to Bulgaria to discuss the prospects for the..

18.03.22 19:46 |

United States have not raised question about "Macedonian minority" in Bulgaria

The United States support the efforts of the governments of Bulgaria and North Macedonia to work with the EU in order to resolve bilateral issues. This was what BNT learned from a written response of the US Embassy in Sofia. The..

14.01.22 14:01 |

Plans for strengthening NATO's military presence in Bulgaria

General Tod Walters, Commander-in-Chief of the NATO Allied Forces in Europe, has proposed expanding the alliance's presence in Bulgaria and Romania. According to Der Spiegel, in a video meeting the US general called for the process to..

19.12.21 12:08 |

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