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40 countries sign the Lugano Declaration laying out principles for Ukraine’s reconstruction

At the end of the two-day conference in the city of Lugano, Switzerland, leaders from 40 countries signed on the Lugano Declaration laying out a set of principles for rebuilding Ukraine. The document provides for regular monitoring of the..

06.07.22 09:05 |
Parvan Simeonov

Bulgarians are skeptical of media reports about the war in Ukraine

Bulgaria is one of the most Europhile societies in the EU, but also one of the most Russophile, said Parvan Simeonov from Gallup International Balkan in the discussion of the Electronic Media Council themed "Pluralism and disinformation during war"...

05.07.22 12:42 |
Nikolaev, Ukraine

The reconstruction of Ukraine will cost 750 billion euros

Finland and Sweden will sign the NATO accession protocols on July 5, the Alliance's headquarters in Brussels announced . Following the Russian aggression in Ukraine, the two countries formally confirmed their willingness and ability to fulfill the..

05.07.22 09:19 |

The city of Varna launches new website in Ukrainian to help refugees

The port city of Varna has launched a new website in Ukrainian. It provides detailed information about the rights of those fleeing the war in Ukraine.  The website has tips and information on how to access various health, social and educational..

04.07.22 16:35 |
Ukrainian forces firing at the advancing Russian troops in the environs of Lysychansk, 3 July, 2022

After taking control of Lysychansk, Russian army advances in Donetsk

The Ukrainian army announced it had withdrawn the last of its forces from Lysychansk to avoid being encircled. Unfortunately, steel will and patriotism are not enough for success — material and technical resources are needed, the Ukrainian command..

04.07.22 08:47 |

Heavy fighting takes place near the city of Lisichansk

A representative of the pro-Russian separatists from the so-called Luhansk People's Republic announced that their forces, backed by the Russian army, have completely encircled Lisichansk, the last town under Kiev's control, reports AFP. The Ukrainian..

03.07.22 09:58 |

Powerful explosions in Nikolaev, hostilities spread to new areas of Ukraine

Powerful explosions were heard early this morning in the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev, Mayor Alexander Senkevich said on social media. The Russian military and separatists are tightening the ring around the city of Lysychansk in Donbass. T he local..

02.07.22 09:50 |

Deadly missile strike claims 17 lives in Odessa region: Ukrainian officials

Seventeen people were killed in missile strikes on a multy-storey apartment building and a recreation center in Ukraine’s Odessa region,  local authorities said. 31 were wounded, among them 4 children and a pregnant woman. 8 people were rescued from..

01.07.22 09:08 |

The unknown history of Bulgarians in Tavria

The life and destiny of the Bulgarian settlers in Tavria, whose number approximates 40,000 people, and who live on the territory of today's Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula, are rarely the subject of research and discussion. The lack of..

27.06.22 15:04 |

Russia is in a foreign debt default for first time in a century

For the first time since 1918, Russia has defaulted on its sovereign debt in foreign currency, Bloomberg reported. This was due to international sanctions against Moscow following the Russian aggression in Ukraine and the inability of Russian banks to..

27.06.22 09:12 |

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