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Jon Voight and Mariya Gabriel at the award ceremony

Jon Voight receives the Bulgarian Consul's Special Award in Los Angeles

Hollywood actor Jon Voight has been bestowed with the Special Award of ‎the Consul of Bulgaria in the USA during the ceremony where the ‎awards for education, science, art and culture of the BgFACE ‎Foundation were handed out. As the awards are..

02.11.23 21:30 |

"The Bulgarian Army from Asparukh to the present day" in the village of Topoli

The 11th cultural-historical show "The Bulgarian Army from Asparukh to the present day" reenacts different periods of the development of the Bulgarian army in the village of Topoli near Varna.  Nearly 500 people from historical reenactment clubs..

10.09.23 14:02 |

Folk singer Valya Balkanska to perform at the "Thread from the Root" Bulgarian gathering in Münster

Today in Münster, Germany, the traditional Bulgarian gathering "Thread from the Root" will take place, organized by the Bulgarian Cultural Centre "Little Bulgaria". Among the official guests of the event will be the Consul General of Bulgaria in..

21.05.23 07:05 |
Valya Balkanska

Folk singer Valya Balkanska turns 80

Folk singer Valya Balkanska from the Rhodope region turns 80 today.  The singer gained world fame with the song Izlel e Delyo Haidutin , a recording of which was included on the Golden Record carried on board the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2..

08.01.22 17:38 |

Greek and Turkish speaking audience know well the story of legendary song "Izlel e Delyo Haydutin"

We asked the audience of Radio Bulgaria in ten different languages: when did Valya Balkanska record the song "Izlel e Delyo Haydutin", which flew into space? The most popular opinion seen in the answers to the quiz is that the song that..

04.11.21 16:15 |
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