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This year's edition of Dunav Ultra cycling challenge ends

10 days after the start of this year's edition of "Dunav Ultra" cycling challenge, all participants have covered the 740-kilometer distance from the town of Vidin to the Black Sea coast at Durankulak.  This year a total of 160 cyclists covered the..

06.09.22 16:49 |

Danube drought threatens riverside ecosystems

Drought, which has swept across Europe, is a growing concern for Bulgarians living along the Danube. The low water level of the river is causing extreme losses to shipping. Hundreds of self-propelled and nonself-propelled vessels are waiting in..

31.08.22 15:08 |

Dunav Ultra – the biggest cycling challenge with a cause starts at Vidin

A total of 160 cyclists from all over Bulgaria and from Romania are setting out from the town of Vidin under the motto “The river, Dobrudzha and the sea”, on August 27 and 28 along a 700-km. long route – from the Northernmost points of Bulgaria at..

27.08.22 08:05 |

Long queue of trucks at Danube Bridge 2

The queue of trucks waiting to cross Danube Bridge 2 near Vidin - Kalafat already exceeds 10 kilometers of length, BTA reports. Drivers are forced to wait for 16-18 hours. Crossing the bridge itself takes less than 5 minutes, while checks at the border..

04.08.22 18:37 |

Long queues of trucks at Danube Bridge near Vidin continue, international drivers furious

At the height of summer, let us take a look at the national road network, though not the thoroughfares leading to the seaside resorts in the environs of Varna but at the region of the town of Vidin. Once the capital of the Tsardom (Kingdom) of..

05.07.22 11:11 |

A trip to the northwesternmost Bulgarian town of Kula

Located near the Vraska Chuka border crossing, Kula is the northwesternmost Bulgarian town. Everyone who passes through Kula takes a break in the central part to see the most popular site of the town – the old fortress tower which gave the name..

13.02.22 08:55 |

One of the longest caves in Bulgaria in risk due to nearby construction site

The longest cave in northwestern Bulgaria, Bashovichki Pech, where fossil remains of cave animals have been found, is endangered due to a construction site in its immediate vicinity. For 10 years, speleologists who study it are fighting for its..

12.02.22 17:52 |

Lack of qualified manpower and good infrastructure in Bulgaria deters potential investors

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development lowered its forecast for the Bulgarian economy due to the low level of vaccination against the novel coronavirus and the political crisis. Does Bulgaria stand a chance to recover after..

24.11.21 18:05 |

The Northwest remains the poorest region of Europe regardless of the European grants

Northwestern Bulgaria remains the poorest region of Europe even though half a billion Leva has been allocated under the Innovation and Competitiveness programme, indicates an analysis by the Ministry of Economy of the effectiveness of..

02.11.21 14:25 |

The hospital in Bulgaria's Vidin warns of shortage of Covid beds

The hospital in Vidin, Northwestern Bulgaria, has sought help from the Ministry of Health because it can no longer accept patients with coranavirus. The patients are transported from the emergency centre to other medical institutions in the country,..

28.10.21 18:11 |

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