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Sofia Philharmonic receives standing ovation at the Musikverein

The Sofia Philharmonic's concert in the ˮGolden Hallˮ of the Musikverein last night was completely sold-out. It was a huge success, the organizers of the event have announced. The two Bulgarian compositions in the programme have aroused particular..

18.05.22 14:51 |

Any place is good to work a miracle

The Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra is visiting Musikverein in Wien with a concert. On the program are Grotesque Symphony Suite “Bai Ganyu” by renouned XX century Bulgarian composer Veselin Stoyanov, Slavonic Dance No.2 and No.8 by..

17.05.22 11:01 |

Lubomir Gospodinov: I would love to play in my homeland

“I love Bulgaria. I miss our beautiful nature and I even miss the Bulgarian mentality”, says Lubomir Gospodinov whose professional path has been associated with Vienna for more than three decades. Lubomir Gospodinov is a remarkable..

10.05.21 17:09 |

Bulgarian children in Vienna to read books in their mother tongue in newly opened library

The first library with Bulgarian children's books will open in Vienna in the beginning of 2021 . Thus, children living in Austria’s capital will be able to feel the magic of Bulgarian fairy tales and stories and enrich..

23.12.20 11:05 |
The old town hall in Sarajevo

Sofia joins wave of solidarity with Vienna

Local landmarks in a number of cities from the Eurocomm-PR network – the international offices of the city of Vienna around the world – were lit up in the colours of the Austrian flag in solidarity with the victims of the terror attack in the..

05.11.20 10:40 |

Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry calls on Bulgarian citizens in Vienna not to leave their homes

In connection with last night's terror attack in Vienna, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Bulgarian citizens residing in the Austrian capital not to leave their homes and urges them to avoid the central parts of the city...

03.11.20 11:03 |

Bulgaria shows solidarity with Austria against terrorism

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has expressed his condolences to the Austrian people after last night's terror attack in Vienna in a post in his Facebook profile. "It is important in such moments to be united and together to resist violence..

03.11.20 09:11 |

The anti-government protest calls third “Grand National Uprising” on 22 September

The protests, demanding the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, as well as the holding of early, fair and free elections, have continued in Bulgaria for 68 days. At the 67 th..

14.09.20 08:55 |

Bulgarians living abroad urge EU to take a position on the situation in Bulgaria

Bulgarians living abroad who are taking part in the anti-government protests will hand a petition over to a European Commission representative in Austria this afternoon, describing the events which gave rise to the mass demonstrations..

19.08.20 11:47 |

Bulgarians abroad plan protest in front of European Commission

Every day, Bulgarians protest in different parts of the world in solidarity with their compatriots in the homeland, who have been protesting in the streets for a month demanding the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor...

07.08.20 14:27 |
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