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Writer Zdravka Evtimova wins a Best Short Story award in the USA

Bulgarian writer Zdravka Evtimova has received another recognition for her talent in the USA. An online platform for discussing science fiction, fantasy and horror literature has awarded her short story "For Dimitar - a Poet" as Best Short Story With..

29.01.23 08:30 |
Mihai Eminescu international academy award

Writer Zrdavka Evtimova receives prestigious Romanian award

Zdravka Evtimova is holder of the Mihai Eminescu international academy award for prose for 2022, the Bulgarian PEN centre has announced. The award goes to the Bulgarian author for her creative use of language in prose and the powerful..

24.06.22 10:20 |

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov has been nominated for the Nobel Prize

The Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov has been proposed for the Nobel Prize in Literature. The proposal was signed by the chairwoman of the Bulgarian PEN Club, writer Zdravka Evtimova, with the approval of all 51 members of the Bulgarian branch of the..

25.05.22 19:11 |

The mission of artists is to be rescuers

In watershed times no one has the right to withdraw in their ivory tower and, from its fallacious heights, to observe what is happening from the sidelines. The discussion whether men and women of art, intellectuals should remain locked behind the doors..

24.03.22 12:29 |
Boyana Church

Spiritual havens of outgoing 2020

The outgoing 2020 has completely changed notions of the material world we live in. It seems layers in our value system have shifted, in order for us to look for the really important things in life that make us human. And those who lose direction..

24.12.20 07:45 |
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