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Passenger train crashes into rocks on tracks, driver injured 

A passenger train travelling from Sofia to Burgas on the Sub-Balkan line crashed in the afternoon into rocks that had collapsed on the railway line. One of the drivers was injured, but no passengers were hurt in the accident, which occurred in the area..

30.11.22 18:11 |

Accident at Arsenal munitions factory in Bulgaria's Kazanluk takes 1 life, two persons missing

A 55-year-old man has died and two women are still missing in an accident at the Arsenal munitions factory in Bulgaria's Kazanluk .   Rescue operations and clearing of the debris from the workshop, which was completely destroyed, have not yet begun, as..

04.10.22 17:20 |

Serbian children injured in bus accident in Bulgaria have left for their homeland

The Serbian children injured in a bus accident on the Trakia highway have been transported to the Serbian border with the help of two teams from the Center for Emergency Medical Assistance in Stara Zagora. The patients are in good..

19.08.22 11:31 |
Doctor Valentin Dimitrov

Lives of two children injured in bus accident on Trakia motorway are not in danger

The two children who were seriously injured in an accident with a Serbian bus on the Trakia highway in Bulgaria remain in Children's Intensive Care of the Pirogov Hospital. According to the director of the hospital, Dr. Valentin..

17.08.22 10:47 |

Serbian bus carrying 49 passengers, including many children, crashes on Bulgaria's Trakia Highway

A bus with Serbian registration has overturned at kilometer 216 of Bulgaria's Trakia highway (A-1) in the direction of Sofia shortly after 8 pm this evening . 49 people - children and adults - were travelling in the bus.  The children are part of a..

14.08.22 23:03 |

Every five days a Bulgarian worker dies in workplace accident: statistics

In the first quarter of this year, 10 people have died in accidents at work, as there were a total of 600 workplace accidents in Bulgaria . This is shown by data from the National Social Security Institute.  The data was presented by the largest..

28.04.22 14:04 |

Two dead, ten injured after military truck crashes near Bulgarian-Turkish border

While driving from Rezovo to Gramatikovo in fulfillment of a task for logistical support of the protection of the Bulgarian-Turkish border, a military off-road truck fell into the Veleka River, the Ministry of Defense announced. Two foreign..

05.04.22 19:55 |
Pirogov Hospital

Two of the injured on Struma Motorway have been discharged from hospital

Two of the injured people in the bus accident on the Struma Motorway have been discharged from the Pirogov Emergency Hospital in Sofia. The patients are in good general condition and they will be placed for observation in..

27.11.21 12:24 |

Serbian citizen saved survivors of horrific bus accident in Bulgaria

One of the survivors of the tragic bus accident on the Struma highway, Lulzim Sulejmani, is a Serbian citizen from Presevo. From the Pirogov Emergency Hospital in Sofia, he told Albanian Klan TV that he was fortunate to be awake at..

24.11.21 13:05 |

European leaders’ reactions to tragic accident on Struma Motorway

The leaders of European institutions have reacted to the tragic accident on the Struma motorway in Bulgaria. "My deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who perished in the tragic bus accident last night in..

23.11.21 16:16 |

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