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Museum in Italian city of Campobasso keeps unique historical finds related to Bulgaria

"Bulgarians have a strong desire for national self-determination and a strong desire to go back in time to learn about their origins and to rebuild their identity, which was apparently forcibly taken from them during the long years..

27.11.23 14:46 |

The mouth of the Kamchia River holds 7,000 years of secrets

Exploration of the water between Cape Kilik and Ilanjik Point, north of the mouth of the Kamchia River, has revealed some unique discoveries. Once, ancient ships were sheltered in these secluded coves from the tempestuous waters of the Black Sea. It..

22.11.23 14:26 |

Exhibition presents Trebenishte necropolis, which united efforts of archaeologists from the Balkans

The exhibition "Trebenishte. 105 years since finding the necropolis. 1918 – 2023" opens today at 18:00. The exhibition is the result of the joint work of archaeologists from the National Archaeological Museum at the Bulgarian Academy..

09.10.23 14:25 |

A French coin found near the Medieval fortress of Rusocastro baffles archaeologists

A new priceless find has been discovered during excavations of the medieval Bulgarian town of Rusocastro . While exploring its massive fortress wall, archaeologists came across a silver coin (tornese) minted in the Kingdom of France.  A small part of..

08.10.23 09:05 |

A 2500-year-old Scythian sceptre discovered during excavations near Provadia

Archaeologists found a 2,500 years old Scythian sceptre in the last days of this season's excavations in the prehistoric salt mining and urban center "Provadia - Solnitsata" in Northeast Bulgaria, BTA reports. The 5th century BC sceptre is..

05.10.23 17:14 |

Gradeshnitsa - the village where archaeologists discovered a tile with the most ancient writing

Although it is located in the poorest region of Bulgaria, the village of Gradeshnitsa is rich in archaeological finds, which testify to the presence of human societies as early as the early Neolithic era - the sixth millennium BC. The..

25.09.23 15:35 |

Children solve archaeological mysteries in Sandanski

The Archaeological Museum in Sandanski is opening its doors from today until July 28 for its traditional summer archaeological school "Searchers of Antiquities". Participants between the ages of 11 and 15 will unravel riddles and look for answers in old..

24.07.23 06:45 |

The archaeological pearls of the Eastern Rhodopes will be presented in the European ‎Parliament

On June 1, in the European Parliament, Bulgaria will present its archaeological and ‎cultural masterpiece - the ancient and medieval rock city of Perperikon. ‎ For a quarter of a century, the fortress was studied by Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov. For Radio..

31.05.23 13:28 |

The Panagyurishte gold treasure is the climax of new exhibition at the British ‎Museum

Visitors to the British Museum in London can now marvel at one of Bulgaria’s most ‎emblematic archaeological discoveries - the Panagyurishte gold treasure - as part of a ‎thematic exhibition entitled "Luxury and Power: From Persia to Greece” .  The..

16.05.23 17:15 |

Aleksandrovo Tomb - a unique monument of Thracian art

In December 2000, in the mound "Roshavata Chuka" near the village of Aleksandrovo close to Bulgaria’s Haskovo, a team of archaeologists led by Dr. Georgi Kitov (1943-2008) came across one of the most impressive historical finds in Bulgaria –..

22.03.23 15:57 |
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