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Bulgarian artist organizes international exhibition dedicated to women's rights in Prague

More than 20 women were killed by men from their immediate environment in Bulgaria in 2023 and the registered cases of domestic violence were 1359 compared to 749 in 2022. "The increase in acts of aggression in domestic conditions..

10.04.24 14:55 |
Denitsa Todorova (L) and gallery owner Vesselina Sarieva.

Belgian based artist Denitsa Todorova has her firts exhibition in Bulgaria

Art is often the universal language that unites us, bringing together the past, the present and the future in a moment of contemplation. Such is the art of Denitsa Todorova, who, after 20 years of living and working abroad and numerous solo exhibitions in..

25.03.24 13:40 |

The city gallery in Varna with a talk about Bulgarian art in English

The city art gallery "Boris Georgiev" in Bulgaria's coastal city Varna will offer its visitors on March 20 specialized talks , in which they will be able to familiarize themselves with the permanent exposition and temporary exhibitions in the largest..

20.03.24 07:35 |

Digital paintings by a Bulgarian artist are now on the moon

Two digital paintings by Bulgarian artist Silvia Stratieva were transported to the moon by the Odysseus lunar lander. They are part of the Lunar Codex project, she told Faktor.bg.  The Odysseus spacecraft, built and operated by Intuitive Machines,..

23.02.24 11:43 |

BNR’s multimedia exhibition about Sirak Skitnik visits Bratislava

On February 22, the virtual exhibition "Let's ask Siraka - 140 years since the birth of Sirak Skitnik" will be presented in Bratislava. The exhibition, work by Prof. Boyan Dobrev, a lecturer at the National Academy of Arts, and a team..

21.02.24 14:41 |
Dreaming, 1925

Painting by Georges Papazoff is now part of the collection of Centre Pompidou in Paris

"Dreaming" - that's the name of the painting by Georges Papazoff which is already part of the collection of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. This is the first canvas of the Bulgarian artist to be in the collection of the French National..

04.02.24 07:05 |

New exhibition "Christo - Art and Colors" reveals more from the personality of the world-famous artist

A new donation to the exhibition on Hristo Yavashev-Christo in the National Gallery Kvardat 500 is now a fact.  In 2012, Vladimir Tchimov and his wife donated to the then National Gallery of Foreign Art works by Hristo Yavashev-Christo from his student..

13.01.24 05:05 |

People engaged in the sphere of art organize big protest demanding higher pay

People engaged in the sphere of art are staging a protest in front of the Council of Ministers over the planned low budget in the sector for next year, and are demanding a meeting with the prime minister and the minister of culture. They are..

06.12.23 14:29 |

The awards from the 9th International Graphics Triennial in Sofia were handed out

Taichi Kodama from Japan is the winner of the grand prize at the 9th edition of the International Triennial of Graphic Arts in Sofia . The laureates were announced at a ceremony in the gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists .  Two equal..

06.12.23 10:42 |

"The Running Ones" – lets see the world with open eyes

Twenty original posters and 10 experimental films by 14 graphic artists united in one cultural project return the focus of society to the existence and the problems of "The Running Ones". The artistic provocation of our moral values and emotional..

30.11.23 15:04 |
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