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EC: Bulgaria late in implementing RRP

Bulgaria is significantly behind in the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), says the report on the country prepared by Brussels for 2024, reports BNT. Bulgaria's RRP amounts to 5.689 billion euro in grants. So far, Bulgaria has..

19.06.24 18:43 |

Bulgaria and Romania establish new military headquarters for Special Operations Command

The Government has approved a draft Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministries of Defence of Bulgaria and Romania on the establishment of a Headquarters Regional Component Special Operations Command (HQR-SOCC). The HQR-SOCC will provide..

19.06.24 18:20 |

Fabrice Petit – the only guy in a Bulgarian all-female folklore choir

Last September, the all-female choir of the Bulgarian folklore ensemble Shevitsa in Sofia had a surprising new addition: a young man, tattoos and all, the lead singer of a Canadian heavy metal band, who sat neatly next to the last girl on..

19.06.24 13:32 |

Bulgaria to invest more than $2.3 billion in defence by the end of 2024

Bulgaria will invest 2.18 per cent of its GDP in defence this year , according to documents released by NATO ahead of its July 2024 summit in Washington.  The country's 2024 defence spending is expected to be $2.325 billion , up from $1.992 billion..

18.06.24 11:18 |

Bulgaria to take part in Tourism Expo Japan 2024

Bulgaria will be represented this year at the Tourism Expo Japan 2024, to be held in the Japanese capital Tokyo, with a national stand, on the initiative of the Bulgarian Embassy in Japan.  The Tourism Expo is scheduled to take place from 26 to 29..

11.06.24 13:22 |
Education Minister Galin Tsokov

Bulgaria to promote itself as a destination for higher education, Education Minister says

Bulgaria is among the European countries with a high share of foreign students. Currently, foreign students make up about 8% of the student population in Bulgaria, placing the country among the leaders in the region. These figures were presented by..

07.06.24 14:34 |

NSI: Bulgaria shrank by 8 sq. km. in two years

The territory of Bulgaria has decreased slightly in the last two years, according to the National Statistical Institute (NSI).  As of December 31, 2023, the territory of the country calculated by the NSI on the basis of digital models of the..

07.06.24 13:39 |

Filton? It's a musical instrument

In 2009, Bulgarian Anton Orush started his collection dedicated to Bulgarian technology.  The exhibits include televisions, radios, appliances, computers, telephones, cash registers, etc. Gradually, this passion of his led him to start researching and..

04.06.24 14:21 |

From vineyard to bottle: The legendary Mavrud, Bulgaria's signature wine

Mavrud is poetry in a bottle, according to connoisseurs of Bulgaria's iconic grape. It is characterised by its deep ruby colour and high levels of tannin and acidity. Aromas of berries, rosehip marmalade, earth, herbs and spices dominate in the..

31.05.24 12:19 |

The remains of Tsar Ferdinand I now lie in Vrana Palace

The coffin containing the remains of Tsar Ferdinand I (born 1861 - died 1948) has been placed in the central foyer of the Vrana Royal Palace in Sofia for viewing. They will then be transferred to the family crypt in the palace. They were flown to..

29.05.24 16:42 |
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