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Trade turnover between Bulgaria and Greece reaches a record of 4.5 billion euros

Bulgaria's full accession to Schengen will give an additional boost to the relations between Bulgaria and Greece, Greek Foreign Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis said at a briefing in Sofia. The guest pointed out that people-to-people..

27.02.24 13:40 |

Bulgarian business will need half a million new specialists in the next five years

In the medium term, employers expect high economic growth and will need 243,000 professionals with higher education and 245,000 with secondary education. 194,000 people will be needed in the spheres trade, tourism and transport. The..

12.02.24 11:28 |

Deputy PM Gabriel calls for highlighting the good examples of European integration

Austrian business should convince politicians in Vienna that Bulgaria's entry into Schengen is important for companies, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariya Gabriel said.   During the World Economic Forum in..

17.01.24 09:53 |

Higher profit tax for companies with annual turnover of more than 750 million euros

Large business to pay 5% additional profit tax, but with a relief of 8% if it invests in tangible fixed assets. This is what the parliament decided at the second reading of changes to the Corporate Income Tax Act. The project proposed by the..

13.12.23 10:49 |

NSI: 3.6% of Bulgarian enterprises use AI technologies

21.7% of Bulgarian companies use enterprise resource planning software. A smaller proportion of companies have a customer relationship management application - 10.5%, or use business intelligence software - 4.2%, according to data from the National..

08.12.23 18:10 |

Bulgarian business wants compensations for expensive electricity

Energy-intensive enterprises in Bulgaria are threatened to limit or close production due to high electricity prices . In budget 2024, there is no money envisaged for energy compensations for businesses, for hospitals, schools,..

15.11.23 09:45 |

President Rumen Radev has met with representatives of 15 US companies

Bulgaria offers a number of investment advantages in terms of geographical location, conditions for doing business, as well as human potential at the backdrop of dynamic regional and global political and economic processes. This was what President Rumen..

01.11.23 17:58 |

US companies are the fourth largest investor in Bulgaria

The main goal of the government is the full integration of the country into the European and Euro-Atlantic structures, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov said at a working breakfast in Sofia with the American Chamber of Commerce. The..

26.09.23 11:55 |

Business relations with China are unbalanced, according to the Bulgarian Industrial Association

The leadership of the Bulgarian Industrial Association have met with the new Bulgarian ambassador in Beijing, Andrey Tehov. Chair of the association, Dobri Mitrev, informed the diplomat that entrepreneurs trading with China consider..

15.08.23 09:31 |

Arab investors acquire assets in Bulgarian telecommunication sphere

The Czech PPF Group and the Arab Emirates Telecommunication Group Company (e&) have signed an agreement that e& will acquire 50% stake plus one share in PPF Telecom's assets in Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia. The..

02.08.23 09:15 |
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