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123 votes bring down government of Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov

The government of PM Kiril Petkov failed to survive the vote of no confidence in the Bulgarian parliament. 123 MPs cast their votes against the cabinet as 116 voted for and none abstained. "It was an honor to lead a government that..

22.06.22 19:51 |

Minister of Finance says opposition’s reasons for motion of no confidence are groundless

Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev has refuted claims made by GERB-SDS, which are also the reasons of the two opposition parties for a motion of no confidence against the cabinet. The Finance..

21.06.22 15:34 |

Protesters in front of Bulgaria’s National Assembly call for government's resignation

In the backdrop of ongoing debates in the parliament on the occasion of the no-confidence vote, protesting citizens called for the resignation of the ministers from the cabinet of Kiril Petkov. The protest was organized by political..

21.06.22 13:47 |

The Bulgarian parliament is discussing a vote of no confidence in the Bulgarian government

The Bulgarian parliament has convened an extraordinary session to discuss the vote of no confidence in the government of Kiril Petkov requested by the former ruling GERB-SDS party. The motive of the second largest political force in the opposition is a..

21.06.22 11:42 |

Politicians leaving the government and those who stay do not want early elections

After the leadership council of the three remaining parties in the cabinet -"We Continue the Change", BSP and "Democratic Bulgaria", Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said that he would do what was possible in order to preserve the current..

09.06.22 09:40 |

Kiril Petkov: Mandatory green certificate for the Council of Ministers

The first order, if I am elected Prime Minister, will be for everyone in the Council of Ministers to have a green certificate, said in his programme speech in the National Assembly the nominee for Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.  He began by saying,..

13.12.21 14:20 |

Kiril Petkov speaks about priorities of future government

Presenting the structure of the new cabinet, Prime Minister-designate Kiril Petkov pointed out that on Monday, together with the candidates for ministers, he would come to the National Assembly for the vote of this government,..

11.12.21 16:50 |
Kiril Petkov

Kiril Petkov: There will be two more deputy prime ministers in the new cabinet

"Each of the coalition partners in the new government will have a deputy prime minister, and there will be two from the new political party "We continue the change" (PP). One will actually deal with effective governance". In an interview with Spiegel,..

08.12.21 15:58 |

Presidential consultations on forming new government continue

President Rumen Radev continues political consultations with parliamentary groups in the 47th National Assembly before handing over the first exploratory mandate for government formation. On December 7, the first to meet..

07.12.21 15:26 |

Negotiations for forming a regular cabinet to continue, draft coalition agreement expected

Negotiations for forming a government between the political parties "We continue the change", BSP, "There is such a people" and "Democratic Bulgaria" will continue today. The draft of the coalition agreement is expected to be ready by the evening, and..

05.12.21 07:05 |

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