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New delay expected for air ambulances for emergency medical services

Air ambulance services with helicopters are about to be delayed again . Caretaker Minister of Transport Hristo Alexiev on June 1 approved the Italian company ALIDAUNIA S.R.L as the contractor and the hired helicopters were expected to arrive by..

07.06.23 10:52 |
Caretaker prime minister Galab Donev

Caretaker cabinet to report on its work in Parliament

At an extraordinary meeting today, Prime Minister Galab Donev will present a report on the results of the work of the caretaker government in the period February 3-June 5 this year , the government press service announced.  The Council of Ministers..

05.06.23 06:05 |
Council of Ministers building

Caretaker cabinet proposes second extension of budget 2022

The caretaker cabinet is proposing, to the National Assembly, an extension of the budget 2022 extension law, until a new state budget for the current year is adopted, the government press service has announced. The bill proposed will provide..

30.05.23 17:59 |
Parliament building

Discussion of draft state budget postponed, again

The draft state budget for the year will, most probably, not be discussed in parliament next week. T he draft with a deficit of 6.4% of the GDP which was submitted by the caretaker cabinet was supposed to have been discussed by the parliamentary..

11.05.23 16:03 |

The caretaker cabinet’s draft budget will lead to an excessive deficit procedure, the Fiscal Council says

The draft budget, with a deficit of 6.4%, contradicts the Public Finance Act. Caretaker cabinet approves 2023 draft budget In a Fiscal Council position sent to parliament, experts recommend measures for restricting the deficit in the..

28.04.23 18:05 |
Caretaker PM Galab Donev

Caretaker prime minister advises MPs to think about how to reduce budget deficit

Bulgaria's caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev recommended to the MPs to seek a solution on how to reduce the budget deficit from 6.4% to 3%. The government is holding an extraordinary meeting today with the task of adopting the draft state budget for..

28.04.23 12:35 |

Bulgaria's caretaker government to adopt state budget for 2023

Bulgaria's caretaker government will today adopt a draft Law on the State Budget for 2023 to submit it to the National Assembly for debates.  The projected deficit of 6.4% is not approved by either the trade unions or the business...

28.04.23 08:05 |

Caretaker cabinet proposes a 2023 state budget with a 6.4% deficit

The caretaker government is proposing a state budget bill for 2023 with a deficit of 6.4% of the GDP, or more than twice the 3% required by the Eurozone criteria . This was announced at a briefing by Prime Minister Galab Donev and Finance Minister..

21.04.23 19:10 |
Rumen Radev

Caretaker cabinet to submit 2023 draft state budget by Monday, President Radev says

The caretaker government will submit the draft state budget for 2023 on Monday at the latest, President Rumen Radev announced during today’s consultations with the Bulgarian Socialist Party. “This will mean there will be clarity for the..

21.04.23 15:16 |
Caretaker Premier Galab Donev

Premier Donev urges Bulgarians to vote

The caretaker cabinet has made a tremendous effort to ensure that the forthcoming elections are free, fair and well-organised , despite the ambiguities and the weaknesses of the amendments to the electoral code voted swiftly by the previous..

29.03.23 11:17 |
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