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Bulgaria is trying to renegotiate the unfavourable conditions of the 13-year gas agreement with Turkey’s Botas, PM Denkov says

Bulgaria has not received any commentary yet by the European Commission regarding the investigation into the agreement the Bulgarian caretaker government concluded with the Turkish gas company Botas , said Prime Minister Nikolai..

10.01.24 17:35 |
PM Nikolay Denkov

PM Nikolay Denkov: We have been putting out the fires of the caretaker cabinet since day one

Blatant errors of government, breach of the rules and putting out fires in most ministries since day one – that is how Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov described what his cabinet inherited from the caretaker government, at a briefing given by the prime..

03.08.23 11:58 |
Bulgaria's Minister of Justice Atanas Slavov

The constitutional changes will lead to decentralization of the Prosecutor’s Office

One of the proposals for amendments to the Constitution made by We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (PP-DB) is that the Minister of Justice should have a leading role in the nomination of the next Prosecutor General, Bulgaria’s Minister of..

03.07.23 10:33 |
Premier Galab Donev

Galab Donev: Politicians criticize their own legislative decisions when they speak out against the budget

When politicians criticize the caretaker government over the budget, they are actually criticizing their own legislative decisions, caretaker Premier Galab Donev said at the beginning of the meeting of the Council of Ministers. "At the end of..

26.04.23 12:02 |
Korneliya Ninova (C) at the BSP briefing

Bulgarian Socialist Party: The caretaker cabinet wants us to legalize their lawlessness

“The Bulgarian Socialist Party is not going to support the draft budget of the caretaker government,” said Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Korneliya Ninova, adding that the state budget was anti-social, and included unjustified expenses and..

25.04.23 15:56 |
Galab Donev

The caretaker cabinet is seeking to renegotiate the recovery and resilience plan

The caretaker government is continuing the active dialogue with Brussels for renegotiating Bulgaria’s national recovery and resilience plan with regard to the “energy” section, said PM Galab Donev at a meeting with the leaderships of the two biggest..

04.04.23 15:12 |
Caretaker Minister of Finance Rositsa Velkova

Finance Minister: July 1, 2024 is a possible date for the adoption of the single currency

If Bulgaria does not adopt the euro quickly it risks staying in the "Eurozone waiting room" for a long time, caretaker Minister of Finance Rositsa Velkova said in an interview for the BNR . In her words, July 1, 2024 is a possible date for the..

19.02.23 13:56 |
Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev

President Radev appoints the new caretaker cabinet

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev appointed the new caretaker government, dissolved the 48 th National Assembly and scheduled early elections for April 2.  Galab Donev will continue to serve as caretaker Prime Minister. He will be assisted by the..

02.02.23 09:42 |
Caretaker Premier Galab Donev

Galab Donev: The Council of Ministers has never expressed a view that Bulgaria is on the verge of war

The Council of Ministers has never expressed a view that our country is on the verge of war, caretaker Premier Galab Donev said during the parliamentary control in response to a question by the leader of the Bulgarian Sosialist Party Kornelia Ninova..

29.11.22 18:41 |
Finance Minister in the caretaker government Rositza Velkova

Caretaker cabinet proposes extension of implementation of old state budget

After a meeting with the president, We Continue the Change party stated the caretaker cabinet must submit a draft budget for 2023 to the National Assembly. We Continue the Change will not support a GERB-SDS government The deadline for..

31.10.22 12:05 |
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