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Roma begin three days of New Year celebrations

The Roma New Year celebrations begin tonight and will last for three days. For the Roma people, Vasilitsa, or better known as Bango Vasil (literally "limping Vasil"), is perhaps the most revered family holiday. Families gather for dinner, the..

13.01.24 06:35 |

128 years since the start of the tourist movement in Bulgaria celebrated on Mount Vitosha

On Tourism Day, Bulgaria is celebrating 128 years since the start of the organized tourist movement in the country. As is the tradition, the celebrations are taking place on Mount Vitosha, the mountain closest to the capital city Sofia, where the..

27.08.23 06:40 |

Bulgaria’s Navy marks 144th anniversary

The Bulgarian Navy is celebrating the 144 th anniversary of its establishment with a string of different events. The celebrations are taking place in Varna and Burgas. At 10 AM today, flowers will be laid at the Sailor Monument in the Sea..

09.08.23 07:15 |

Melon Festival in Balgarevo preparations are in full swing

Near Cape Kaliakra, in the Kavarna village of Balgarevo, preparations for the anniversary edition of the Melon Festival are in full swing. For the 15th consecutive year, residents and guests of the village will taste the favorite summer fruit, against..

16.07.23 10:05 |
Иван Вазов

Bulgaria celebrates 173 years since the birth of Ivan Vazov, the Patriarch of Bulgarian Literature

On 9 July Bulgaria celebrates the 173rd anniversary of the birth of Ivan Vazov , acclaimed as the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature.  Dozens of citizens and representatives of the Writers' Union, the National Literary Museum, the Ivan Vazov House-Museum..

09.07.23 14:03 |

Velingrad celebrates three anniversaries with a month-long festive program

Velingrad celebrates 75 years since it was declared a town and 15 years since it officially received the title of Spa Capital of the Balkans. The emblematic Velingrad Culture Holidays also mark half a century, the municipality said.  The festivities..

02.07.23 08:05 |

Bulgaria celebrates the International Day of Yoga

Bulgaria will celebrate International Yoga Day with a number of initiatives and practices in 33 locations between 17 and 25 June. In Sofia, yoga schools will take part in and organise a variety of independent open events. The official date for the..

17.06.23 06:10 |
Вицепрезидентът Илияна Йотова.

VP Iotova is in Cyprus at the invitation of the Bulgarian community

The Bulgarian community and the Bulgarian schools in Cyprus are starting today a rich festive program on the occasion of May 24 - the Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture and of the Slavonic..

20.05.23 10:09 |

Bulgarians from all over the world celebrate Bulgarian language and culture

The tongue of times of yore, Of sufferings, dispair... The mothertongue, whose lore Of poisonous woes we bear. Ivan Vazov’s poem "The Bulgarian Tongue" was written in 1883 in Plovdiv in response to "fashionable" claims that..

19.05.23 23:46 |

The town of Vratsa celebrates with a 100-meter long sweet kozunak Easter bread  

The residents of the northwestern town of Vratsa celebrate Easter in the festively decorated central square , where everyone can get a piece of a 100-meter long kozunak Easter bread and enjoy a folklore concert. Earlier, many attended the evening..

16.04.23 13:46 |
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