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Lyudmila Petkova

The National Children's Hospital will be ready in May 2028

According to the timetable approved by the caretaker cabinet, the National Children's Hospital will be ready in May 2028 - nine months earlier than originally planned, Caretaker Finance Minister Lyudmila Petkova said.  BGN 100 million have been..

05.06.24 16:52 |
Children's books author Matina Genkova-Mpofu

Matina Genkova-Mpofu's books for children presented in South Africa

At the traditional Sunday gathering of Bulgarians in South Africa today in Midrand on the occasion of yesterday's Children's Day the books for children of our compatriot Matina Genkova-Mpofu  will be presented .  "The first children's book I..

02.06.24 11:01 |

Life skills should be a priority in education for 75% of children

As of 31.12.2023 children under 17 in Bulgaria are 1,104,198, or 17.1% of the total population. This is according to data compiled by the National Statistical Institute and UNICEF Bulgaria on the occasion of 1 June - International Children's Day...

31.05.24 18:27 |

Cognitive impatience, low self-esteem, chalga culture… what is the problem with our children?

Almost 10% of 11-year olds in this country have been drunk at least twice in their lives, 18% of the girls and 13% of the boys have smoked tobacco cigarettes, and 19% of 15-year olds have used cannabis. This is indicated by an international study on..

20.05.24 11:50 |
Nadezhda Bacheva

Sofia Municipality will take care of 12 unaccompanied migrant children

Sofia municipality takes over the financial expenses of twelve migrant and refugee children without parents in Sofia , deputy mayor Nadezhda Bacheva told BNR. They currently live in a family-type accommodation center and are cared for by a team of nine..

16.05.24 19:44 |

The National Helpline for Children is looking for a recognisable logo with a competition

The State Agency for Child Protection has announced a competition for a logo for the National Telephone Line for Children 116 111 and its chat application.  It is open to inspired artists aged between 11 and 16, the agency said, who have complete..

12.05.24 06:35 |

Doctors call for banning unvaccinated children from school

Doctors have renewed the call for children without the compulsory vaccinations to not be allowed in school, or to be part of organized groups of children. Temporary anti-epidemic measures introduced over the spread of whooping cough In an..

11.05.24 14:21 |

Bulgarian children from the Balkans look for the strongest dyed egg in Bosilegrad

The symbol of Easter - the egg dyed in red or other colors has also become a symbol of Bosilegrad. The Serbian town, just a stone's throw from the border with Bulgaria, is inhabited mainly by ethnic Bulgarians, who have been..

02.05.24 07:45 |

Decision on a private children's hospital has stirred spirits

A decision of the government from its meeting on April 30 to give the green light to the construction of a private general hospital "Mom and Me" with over 400 beds sparked discussions in the society. The medical facility, which..

01.05.24 16:39 |

Children will paint eggs in a National Ethnographic Museum workshop

An egg-painting workshops is opening today in the garden of the former Knyazheski palace, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ National Ethnographic Museum has announced. The Museum is co-organizer of the event, alongside Sofia municipality...

28.04.24 07:00 |
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