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Influenza incidence rate in Bulgaria 6 times higher than Covid-19

Seasonal flu is 6 times more prevalent in Bulgaria than coronavirus infection. In Sofia the incidence rate is 83 per 10,000, and the average for the country is 159 per 10,000, i.e. the number of flu cases in the country is yet to go up,..

24.01.24 12:00 |

Eleven coronavirus-related deaths for a day

Eleven patients with Covid-19 passed away in the past day; 64% of them were not vaccinated, according to data of the Unified Information Portal. 468 coronavirus cases were registered out of 3,380 tests and 14% of the samples..

31.10.23 11:21 |

Number of patients with respiratory diseases and Covid-19 on the rise

The number of patients with respiratory diseases and with a positive Covid test has been rising , Dr. Gergana Nikolova, general practitioner, has reported. 80 new cases of coronavirus were detected in the past day, which means..

24.09.23 14:28 |

Coronavirus certificate abolished

The Covid-19 recovery and negative test certificates are being abolished, the Health Ministry has announced. By order of the minister of health, as of 4 July, these documents are no longer in effect. Vaccination certificates remain can still be..

04.07.23 08:46 |

Bulgaria continues to insist on a termination of the vaccine contract with Pfizer

Bulgaria is abiding by its position that it wants a termination of the contract with Pfizer for the coming years.  Caretaker Minister of Health Dr. Asen Medzhidiev stated that the country has been maintaining this position since last December..

13.05.23 17:03 |

300 new Covid-19 infections, 8 deaths in past day

Eight people have died of coronavirus infection during the past 24 hours, official Covid-19 data show. 300 is the number of new Covid-19 cases out of 3,772 tests performed in the past day, a positivity rate of 7.9%. 66% of the new..

03.05.23 10:17 |

Number of Covid cases has been rising in recent days

For a third day in a row, newly registered cases of Covid-19 in Bulgaria exceed 200, the national coronavirus information system shows. In the past day, the newly infected are 213 compared to 263 on the previous day. The number of..

21.04.23 11:49 |

Bulgaria reports 4 Covid-related deaths in past day

200 is the number of new Covid-19 cases out of 4 , 015 tests performed in the country in the past day, 169 up on the previous day, Single Coronavirus Information Portal data show. The positivity rate is 5%, versus 6% on Monday. The..

21.03.23 08:26 |

Bulgaria registers 79 new coronavirus cases for a day and three Covid-related deaths

In the past day, 79 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Bulgaria after 2,211 tests performed, according to official data. 3.6% of the samples tested positive. 62% of the newly infected were non-vaccinated citizens...

18.03.23 09:35 |

Bulgaria reports 113 new coronavirus infections in past day

Over the past 24 hours, 113 cases of coronavirus have been established in Bulgaria out of 2,635 tests , according to the data of the Unified Information Portal. 4% of the samples came back positive. 47% of the newly infected persons have not been..

17.03.23 09:05 |
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