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Placido Domingo is special guest at international culture and business forum held in Sofia

The world-famous opera singer Placido Domingo is a special guest at the first international forum "Culture and business - together in the digital world", which takes place on August 30 in Sofia . The forum presents the new opportunities for..

30.08.21 10:57 |

Bulgaria’s oldest functioning church in Pomorie jealously guards a valuable icon of Jesus Christ

On August 6, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Holy Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ (Preobrazhenie Gospodne). In Bulgaria this is a very widely celebrated religious feast as many churches bear the name of this feast. Among..

06.08.21 07:45 |

Sofia and Skopje planning to intensify cultural relations

Bulgaria’s caretaker  Minister of Culture Professor Velislav Minekov and North Macedonia ’s Minister of Culture Professor Irena Stefoska met in Sofia. The p reservation of cultural heritage is a priority for Bulgaria and North Macedonia and the..

01.06.21 09:25 |
Professor Velislav Minekov

Caretaker minister Minekov calls for special police task force to protect cultural heritage

A special police task force must protect the immovable and movable cultural heritage in Bulgaria , this country’s caretaker Minister of Culture Professor Velislav Minekov said at a briefing . The new task force should be subordinate to the..

25.05.21 13:49 |

UNESCO Centre in Sofia announces international youth competition

On the occasion of 75 years since the establishment of UNESCO and 65 years since the accession of Bulgaria, the Regional Centre Sofia of UNESCO has announced an international youth competition "Intangible Cultural Heritage: Next Generation" . The prize..

21.05.21 15:11 |

Eco-friendly catamaran offers tourist rides in Burgas Bay

A brand new catamaran was transported, by land, from the shipyard in Tsarevo to Port Burgas, to be presented for the first time on 18 May as part of the official programme marking the 118 th anniversary of the creation of Port Burgas. In the..

20.05.21 10:17 |

Bulgaria and US renew agreement for the protection of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage

The US and Bulgaria have renewed the 2014 Memorandum of Understanding for the protection of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage. The document was signed by US Ambassador Eric Rubin and Bulgarian Minister of Culture Boil Banov. The agreement, which..

14.02.19 14:11 |

Nikolina Angelkova: Bulgaria is 3rd in Europe’s cultural heritage ranking

Over 40,000 artefacts were discovered in Bulgaria. This country places 3 rd in Europe in terms of the number of artefacts. The cultural monuments from the Thracian, the Hellenistic, the Byzantine and other periods have serious impact on the Bulgarian..

07.11.17 16:24 |
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