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Atanas Zapryanov (L) and Todor Tagarev

Caretaker Defence Minister Atanas Zapryanov: The battle in Ukraine is a battle for our own national interests

“The fundamental principle I shall be following is the principle of upgrading,” said caretaker Minister of Defence Atanas Zapryanov at his inauguration ceremony, and thanked his predecessor Todor Tagarev for the latter’s contribution to the sector...

09.04.24 15:22 |
Todor Tagarev at the meeting of NATO defence ministers in Brussels

Bulgaria is among the NATO countries which have committed 2% of its GDP to defence, Minister Tagarev says

Bulgaria is one of the 18 NATO member countries which meet the criteria of spending 2% of their GDP on defence, Defence Minister Todor Tagarev said in Brussels, where he is taking part in the meeting of NATO defence ministers. “We have set..

16.02.24 09:44 |

Bulgarian armored personnel carriers are on their way to Ukraine

"The operation is underway - the Ministry of Defence is supporting the process of providing Ukraine with the armoured personnel carriers (APCs) of the Bulgaria Ministry of Interior." With this short post on Facebook, the Minister of Defence Todor Tagarev..

03.02.24 09:48 |
Minister Tagarev

Bulgaria negotiating with the USA for deployment of anti-aircraft missile complexes

Bulgaria is having talks with the US about deployment of anti-aircraft and anti-ship missile systems on Bulgarian territory. The negotiations are in fulfillment of the decision of the National Assembly of December 8 to strengthen defense capabilities,..

18.01.24 15:14 |
Defence Minister Todor Tagarev

Delegation of Bulgaria's Defence Ministry is on a 5-day visit to the USA

A delegation of Bulgaria's Ministry of Defence headed by Defence MinisterTodor Tagarev is on a five-day working visit to the USA.  Meetings are planned at the US Department of Defense, the State Department, the National Security Council, the..

10.01.24 07:05 |

Vote of no confidence in the government to be debated on 15 November

The President of the Bulgarian National Assembly Rosen Zhelyazkov has scheduled the debate on the motion of no confidence in the Denkov-Gabriel government, tabled by the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Vazrazhdane and There Is Such a People (ITN), for..

09.11.23 14:22 |
Mariya Gabriel and James Cleverly, London, 24 October, 2023

Bulgaria and UK sign strategic partnership declaration

A joint declaration of strategic partnership between Bulgaria and the UK was signed in London by Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariya Gabriel and UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly. “The declaration is an..

25.10.23 09:02 |
Minister Tagarev

Minister of Defense: We have focused efforts on modernizing defense against foreign aggression

During the past months, we directed our efforts towards the development of modernized defense and guaranteed protection of our national interests from foreign aggression, Bulgarian Minister of Defense Todor Tagarev said. The..

15.09.23 16:03 |
Deputy Defence Minister Atanas Zapryanov

Bulgaria is conducting the operation to provide ammunition to Ukraine

Bulgaria is already providing Ukraine with expiring ammunition under the second package of military aid for the country, approved by the National Assembly in December 2022. Deputy Defense Minister Atanas Zapryanov announced this to the BNR...

23.07.23 17:43 |
Nikolay Denkov (L) and Jens Stoltenberg, Brussels, 29 June, 2023

PM Denkov pledges 2% of GDP for defence in 2024

At a meeting in Brussels with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said Bulgaria’s defence spending for 2023 would be slightly under 1.9% of the GDP, and will reach 2%, as required by the EU, in 2024...

30.06.23 08:46 |
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