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Kaval Park - an incredible story of a Russian-American’s journey to Bulgaria

''I wish that more Bulgarians would start appreciating their culture and country without waiting for foreigners to appreciate them first’’. These words belong to Alexander Eppler, an American of Russian descent who calls himself a Bulgarianophile...

23.02.24 12:02 |
Lessons on the film set

Bulgarian schoolchildren from Rome learn lessons while making a film, RAI TV reports on the film

A film set has become the new classroom of the children of the Bulgarian Sunday School "Assen & Ilia Peikov" in Rome. The pupils are hard at work filming a documentary dedicated to three prominent fighters for Bulgarian independence - Catholic..

23.01.24 15:09 |

Ripped to The Root: The story of Prof. Dimitar Atanasov, the first plant pathologist on the Balkans

And there is no road, no train. Me - a lonely pebble, standing and grasping the tiny blade of grass ripped to the root – this verse from Boris Hristov’s poem Heartstroke gives the title frame of a film story. The plot takes us back to Bulgaria's..

05.09.23 16:28 |
Bogdan Darev (L) with Kalin Kroumov

Kaval Park – a declaration of love for Bulgaria all the way from the US

Few people have probably heard of Alexander Eppler – an American of Russian descent who is in love with Bulgaria and the Bulgarian kaval . As a teenager he was fascinated by the magic of Bulgarian folklore when he went to a concert by a Bulgarian..

16.05.23 17:54 |
Photo: Antoan Petrov, Bulgarian Consulate General in Los Angeles

Film and exhibition about the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews presented in Los Angeles

The documentary “ 49,172 ” and the exhibition “The Jews in the Bulgarian lands” from the archives of the Saints Cyril and Methodius National Library, were presented in Los Angeles. The film “ 49,172 ”, directed by Plamen Petkov and produced by..

07.05.23 11:38 |
Daniel Nenchev

Daniel Nenchev about "ideas without borders" in free Bulgaria

Today, Bulgaria celebrates its National Day of Liberation - March 3. It is 145 years since Bulgaria's Liberation from Ottoman rule and the return of Bulgaria on the European political map. The good news is that these days Bulgaria is everywhere in..

03.03.23 13:05 |

Following in the footsteps of three prominent Bulgarians in Rome

The Bulgarian Sunday school Asen and Iliya Peykovi and students from the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia are working on a joint project – a documentary about three prominent figures who fought for the national..

16.01.23 10:59 |
Veneta Neynska

Works by Dimitar Nenov and Franz Liszt at live cinema concert at Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris

A classical live cinema concert by pianist Veneta Neynska is the first event for the year organized by the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris. The concert is on 12 January at the gallery of the institute. The music, performed by Veneta Neynska,..

07.01.23 08:10 |

Bulgarian lawyer Kristian Takov's photographic exhibition carries a message for today's viewer

Not many people know that in the last years of high school the famous Bulgarian lawyer Christian Takov took a course in photography. In his lifetime he took tens of thousands of photos. Today, a young journalist and documentary filmmaker is..

17.07.22 13:10 |
Screen grab from Terykony

Ukrainian documentary film Terykony wins Rhodope Film Fest

The Ukrainian film Terykony directed by Taras Tomenk o won the prize for best international feature film and the special prize at the International Rhodope Film Fest documentary film festival. “We saw so many soldiers – Azeri, Armenian, Arab,..

11.07.22 10:39 |
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