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Bulgarian lawyer Kristian Takov's photographic exhibition carries a message for today's viewer

Not many people know that in the last years of high school the famous Bulgarian lawyer Christian Takov took a course in photography. In his lifetime he took tens of thousands of photos. Today, a young journalist and documentary filmmaker is..

17.07.22 13:10 |
Screen grab from Terykony

Ukrainian documentary film Terykony wins Rhodope Film Fest

The Ukrainian film Terykony directed by Taras Tomenk o won the prize for best international feature film and the special prize at the International Rhodope Film Fest documentary film festival. “We saw so many soldiers – Azeri, Armenian, Arab,..

11.07.22 10:39 |
Photo: Facebook /@Raina.Kabaivanska.school

Documentary tells the story of opera prima Raina Kabaivanska and her school in Sofia

The world-renowned opera diva Raina Kabaivanska is the protagonist of a new documentary, La Scuola Kabaivanska ("The School of Kabaivanska"). After the premiere in Sofia on 24 May, the film will now have a screening in Rome, which will be attended by the..

25.06.22 10:05 |

The State Cultural Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs marks the International Holocaust Remembrance Day with a documentary

"Never again!" Th e phrase has been a slogan for politicians, institutions and citizens for decades now. It is an expression of hope and resolve. It is also a reminder of the events in human history from eight decades ago . A pledge..

27.01.22 09:45 |
Sinemorets coast

Voices of Sinemorets to put overdevelopment of Bulgaria's Black Sea coast on the agenda

Today, June 26, the documentaries "The Voices of Sinemorets" and "The Case of Bedechka" will be shown at an open-air screening in the village of Sinemorets, as the organizers aim to again raise the topic of overconstruction and loopholes in the law used..

26.06.21 07:05 |
Still shot from the documentary

Bulgarian film "Silent Heritage" produced by HBO to be shown in 23 countries

The Bulgarian documentary "Silent Heritage", produced by HBO, tells the story of the sign language interpreter Tanya Dimitrova, who has been translating at the press briefings of Bulgaria's National Coronavirus Operations Headquarters since the..

17.03.21 19:22 |
Castropignano Fortress which is said to have been Bulgarian fortress in the Middle Ages

In the footsteps of the Bulgarians in Medieval Italy

There are at least a hundred Italian settlements and localities which are said to be of Bulgarian origin. Most are located south of the capital Rome. Celle di Bulgheria in Salerno Province is the most popular one. The local population proudly call..

10.09.20 12:32 |

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