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Pupils from Lovech donate funds for the renovation of the town's children's ward

Pupils from the Vasil Levski primary school in Lovech have raised almost 4,000 BGN (2,000 euro) to support the children's ward of the town's hospital. The children sold sweets, greeting cards and souvenirs to raise the money.  A family from Lovech..

06.01.24 07:15 |

Amazon Web Services donates $1 million for INSAIT

Amazon Web Services is donating $1 million to the Institute of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology (INSAIT) at the University of Sofia, the Ministry of Education has announced.  The funds are being provided based on demonstrated..

14.12.23 11:54 |

70,000 families in Bulgaria need donors in order to have children

The tenth edition of the charity initiative Donation Days started in Bulgaria today. In an interview with BNR, Viktoria Georgieva from the "Mothers for Donation" foundation said that it is officially known that 70,000 families in..

08.12.23 16:04 |
Milena Kancheva

Care for people with autism spectrum disorder is improving, yet not at the desired pace

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects how people interact with others, communicate, learn and behave. Children are often diagnozed with autism before the age of 3. Autism is diagnosed by the behavioral symptoms of the autism spectrum..

04.09.23 13:18 |
Bulgaria's Ambassador to Romania Radko Vlaykov presents the new equipment to students from Yordan Yovkov School.

Bulgarian school in Romania receives donation of 10 laptops

The Ministry of e-Government donated 10 laptops to the Bulgarian school at Sofia's Embassy in Bucharest . The pupils of "Yordan Yovkov" School received their new equipment on International Children's Day. "We must help young people walk the path of..

03.06.23 12:42 |

Rotary Club donates its archive to the History of Sofia Museum

The historical archive of Rotary Bulgaria will be donated to the History of Sofia Museum today, BNR-Sofia reports.   Some of the artefacts – documents and photographs – will be presented at an exhibition which opens today. The first Rotary Club..

26.04.23 08:05 |

Bulgaria has donated nearly 1 million euro for the victims of Turkey earthquake

Nearly 1 million euros have been raised in Bulgaria from donations in the bank account opened to help the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey last month , the Turkish television CNN-Turk reported, quoted by BTA. The Turkish TV channel presents a..

06.03.23 16:46 |

UNICEF Bulgaria is raising funds to help the victims in Turkey and Syria

Like many non-governmental organizations and civil associations in the country, UNICEF Bulgaria has also announced a campaign to raise funds to help the victims of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Thousands of children and families..

10.02.23 16:54 |

Bulgarian Red Cross raises 300,000 euro for earthquake-hit areas

More than 300,000 euros have been collected so far on the national account of the Bulgarian Red Cross, together with the text messages sent to phone number 1466, for the people affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria...

08.02.23 20:07 |

Publisher Manol Peykov raises 220,000 BGN aid for Turkey in one day

The sum of 220 thousand BGN to help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey has been raised in less than 24 hours by Plovdiv-based publisher Manol Peykov. Yesterday, he made an appeal on his Facebook profile for sympathy for those in distress...

07.02.23 13:48 |
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