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Innovative education enters Bulgarian schools

We usually talk about northwestern Bulgaria as the poorest region, not just in this country, but also in the whole of EU.   However, it turns out that in the most important sphere for the progress of a society,  events are taking place that in the long..

02.11.22 15:49 |

The interest of Bulgarians in studying abroad is returning

This year, interest in acquiring higher education abroad has grown by 21% compared to 2021, according to data from the World Education project, BNT reported. "Interest in studying abroad is definitely returning after the pandemic, as there are no..

26.09.22 18:13 |
Prof. Sasho Penov, caretaker minister of education and science

Bulgaria invests only 0.7% of its GDP in science and innovation

In total, investments in Bulgaria for science and innovation are 0.7% of GDP, while in the EU the average level is 2.2% of a country's GDP. This was announced by the caretaker Minister of Education and Science, Sasho Penov, during the presentation in..

26.09.22 15:43 |

STEM centres to open in schools across the country in the next four years

STEM centres will be established in many schools across the country, the caretaker deputy prime minister for EU funds management Atanas Pekanov has announced.  The idea of STEM education is hands-on learning focused on science,..

15.09.22 16:28 |

Experts and representatives of universities discuss problems related to the education of Bulgarian communities abroad

At 11 am today, a meeting of representatives of Bulgarian universities accepting students under Ministerial decree No 103 on educational activities among Bulgarians abroad will be held at the Executive Agency for Bulgarians Abroad. Experts from the..

25.08.22 05:05 |

Laptops, Wi-Fi zones and interactive displays for schools on the eve of the new school year

123 schools in different municipalities in Bulgaria will receive over 1,500 laptops before the start of the new school year, the Ministry of Education announced. The laptops are provided under the national program "Information and communication..

14.08.22 11:55 |

Tuk-Tam Career Hive forum gathers Bulgarians from all over the world on September 16

The Tuk-Tam career hive forum will once again attract Bulgarians who wish to use the education and skills they acquired abroad back in their home country. The event will be held on September 16 in Inter Expo Center in Sofia. Representatives of..

11.08.22 08:00 |

Young Bulgarians choose universities abroad because they doubt they will be able to find a career in their home country

The poor results of the national external assessment have focused public attention on one major problem - the quality of Bulgarian education. They have raised a number of questions: what knowledge and skills do graduates have; are they able to meet the..

07.07.22 16:51 |

Georgi Bardarov: We need to change the philosophy of our education system

The demographic crisis in Bulgaria has been sparking public discussions for a long time. And although each government steps in with promises to counter this alarming trend, the results are rather alarming and cause a feeling of helplessness. Georgi..

20.06.22 12:24 |
Nikolai Denkov

Education Minister urges for longer academic year

Schools are in no danger of closing because of high electricity and heating bills . There may be some budget updates ahead to support schools at the start of the new academic year and into the next heating season, Education Minister Acad. Nikolay..

25.05.22 14:02 |

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