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Education Minister: Covid-19 tests for testing of students have been provided

As of Monday, all students will be able to return to class, as tests for coronavirus have been provided, Education Minister Nikolay Denkov told BNT. Adolescents will be tested once a week. Currently, 89% of children up to fourth grade attend school...

04.12.21 10:40 |

86% of Roma in Bulgaria do not report cases of discrimination

72% of Roma in Bulgaria do not know if there is a law prohibiting discrimination, reads the report "Discrimination against Roma in Croatia and Bulgaria" presented by the Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance. 84% of the respondents do..

10.11.21 10:11 |

Educational institutions to receive additional financing

The caretaker government has decided that schools and kindergartens will receive more than 7.5 million euros to fight Covid-19. The money is to provide tests for the teaching staff, in case the tests could not be obtained from the..

04.11.21 15:36 |
University of Ruse

Procedure for applying in Bulgarian universities for Bulgarians abroad to undergo changes

Bulgaria's Ministry of Education and Science is preparing changes in the decree for carrying out educational activities among Bulgarians abroad. Probably one of them will be related to applying for master's programs . The possibility of considering a..

08.10.21 14:19 |
Bulgaria's caretaker Premier Stefan Yanev

25% of the children in Bulgaria do not study actively

Nearly 25% of the children in Bulgaria are not actively involved in the learning process, said this country’s caretaker Premier Stefan Yanev at a discussion in the Council of Ministers. The future of many professions depends on the participation of..

02.09.21 12:12 |
Caretaker education minister Nikolay Denkov

Education ministry yet to decide how new school year will start

At the end of August, it will be clear how the new school year will start - remotely or in person , the caretaker Minister of Education Prof. Nikolay Denkov told BNR. Every effort has been made to inform those employed in the education sector to get..

03.08.21 12:20 |

3 days of additional paid leave for teachers vaccinated against Covid-19

Teachers in Sofia who are vaccinated against Covid-19 can receive an additional paid annual leave of three days upon request , CITUB announced. This is planned in an annex to the collective labour agreement signed between the unions, the mayor of the..

30.07.21 16:34 |

Minister of Education recommends 70% vaccination level among teachers and in-class learning

There is great interest in coronavirus vaccines among teachers, caretaker Minister of Education Nikolay Denkov said after meetings with teachers and school principals . According to the minister, immunization among teachers should reach a minimum..

24.07.21 15:09 |

920 million euro for science and education under Recovery and Resilience Plan

More than 920 million euro is budgeted for education and science in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan of Bulgaria which the country is to send to the European Commission for approval. The principal priorities in the sector are: creation..

21.07.21 13:30 |
Minister of Education Prof. Nikolai Denkov

Education Ministry to propose legislative amendments for depoliticization of education system

The Ministry of Education will propose legislative amendments to ensure the complete depoliticization of the system of education, interim Minister of Education Prof. Nikolai Denkov announced. In his words one-third of the directors of the..

22.06.21 15:55 |
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