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Adrian Nikolov

Salaries in industry will catch up with the pay in the IT sector

In 2023, the share of young people aged up to 29 neither in employment nor in education, stands at 13.8%, as compared to 15.1% a year earlier. Compared to the other EU countries, this percentage remains high. 1/7 th of the young people who are..

19.04.24 10:32 |

Education, demography, healthcare are among major risks for Bulgaria, shows study

The 10 main risks are facing the country in the coming decade, shows a national expert study entitled "Ten years, ten risks for Bulgaria" , BTA reports.  "Deterioration of the education system" is the top risk cited by the poll.  "Further..

18.04.24 13:18 |

Prominent physics teacher Teodosiy Teodosiev opens school for gifted children with help from Bulgarians abroad 

One cause has united Bulgarians at home and abroad - to make Teodosiy Teodosiev's long-held dream come true. The "Golden Teacher of Bulgaria", as he is known at home, wants to create a training centre for his most gifted students in physics, mathematics..

09.04.24 13:34 |
Students from the Bulgarian Sunday school in Lisbon

Teachers from Sunday schools abroad - with Bulgaria in their hearts also in Portugal

An open lesson on patriotism at the St. St. Cyril and Methodius Bulgarian Sunday School in Libson put an end to the educational forum in the Portuguese capital, which brought together teachers from Bulgarian Sunday schools abroad, experts from..

22.03.24 07:15 |

Iliana Iotova: "Sunday schools are the most visible result of the policy for Bulgarians abroad"

The University of Lisbon hosted the educational forum "Innovative methods and materials for teaching Bulgarian history and geography of Bulgaria in Bulgarian schools abroad" .  The event which took place between March 14 to 16 was carried out under..

21.03.24 16:53 |
Robert and Nelly Gibson

Bulgarian students receive scholarships from the Nelly and Robert Gibson foundation for the 20th year

Dozens of students from Bulgarian universities with high academic accomplishments, whose families are financially constrained, are receiving scholarships from private donors in the US. The initiative belongs to the Nelly and Robert Gibson foundation...

16.03.24 13:36 |

Tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate students at state universities to be abolished, government proposes

Tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate students at state universities are to be abolished this academic year, according to amendments to the Higher Education Act proposed by the government. The idea is both to improve access to higher education..

13.03.24 14:30 |

Universities from Europe and Japan participate in specialized fair in Sofia

The spring edition of "Education for a successful career - 2024" opens its doors in Sofia on March 9. It helps Bulgarian students who wish to study abroad choose a major or a university. Everyone can get to know the offers of leading..

09.03.24 07:55 |

Working group at Ministry of Education and Culture to support digitization in education

The Ministry of Education and Science has prepared guidelines for more awareness in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the educational process, BTA reported. The document is published on the website of the Ministry of Education, Culture and..

19.02.24 17:43 |

Andreas Schleicher: Learning should be interesting and engaging for young people

Bulgarian children study a lot of material, but they do not always acquire competencies. Learning should be interesting and engaging for young people, said PISA founder Andreas Schleicher. He is visiting Sofia at the invitation of Bulgaria’s Minister..

13.02.24 09:37 |
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