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GERB insists on paper ballots, but is ready to make concessions on other law changes

After GERB leader Boyko Borisov called on MPs of his party to rethink the changes to the Electoral Code voted in the legal committee, the party announced that they would not rush with the amendments and that they were ready to make..

17.11.22 15:28 |
Boyko Borissov in Stara Zagora

GERB leader Boyko Borissov says machine votes may have been tampered with

GERB party leader Boyko Borissov expressed suspicion that the machine vote s have been tampered with. During a visit to Stara Zagora, he stated that he had sent the party’s secretary to the Central Electoral Commission to open the voting machines..

10.10.22 12:37 |
Parvan Simeonov

The message of the election results from abroad continues to be for change in Bulgaria

The voting of Bulgarians living abroad continue to be angry and protesting, and its message still remains "Change Bulgaria!". This is what sociologist from the Gallup International agency Parvan Simeonov noted in his commentary on the election results..

05.10.22 14:18 |

Bulgarians abroad report about issues related to election process

The Bulgarian authorities have managed to adequately organize the election process but there are still some problems that need to be addressed, a report of the mission of international observers of the Parliamentary Assembly of the..

04.10.22 13:50 |

Political analyst Nedelcho Mihaylov: There is a chance for a minority government with a floating majority

This year's election was marred by the gravity of the situation - the looming threat of a global recession, high inflation, military conflict on our doorstep... In these critical times, instead of looking for ways to solve Bulgaria's problems,..

03.10.22 17:53 |

Rule of law is the prime concern of Bulgarians in Romania

Election day in Bucharest ended with an increased voter turnout compared to the turnout registered at the previous election. The election results there are different to the results inside Bulgaria, Radio Bulgaria’s correspondent in Bucharest..

03.10.22 15:28 |

Bulgarians abroad want a stable government and security but are not optimistic

The election for the 48 National Assembly of Bulgaria is over, and the results are clear. Not so the future of the country. Throughout election day Radio Bulgaria followed the voting by Bulgarians living outside the country – from the first..

03.10.22 13:45 |

Bulgaria again at a political crossroads

After the latest in a string of parliamentary elections, Bulgaria once again faces an equation with many unknowns. Is there going to have a government? Is it going to be stable? Is it going to live up to public attitudes? One thing is certain: that a..

03.10.22 11:14 |

Galina Dineva, USA: Politicians should show more honesty and think ‎about the good of Bulgaria

“ Voter turnout among Bulgarians in Las Vegas is much higher than in other polling stations in the USA, and I guess Canada as well," Galina Dineva, a representative of the election commission there, told Radio Bulgaria . There is no..

03.10.22 01:20 |

CEC - interim results: GERB win the elections, followed by We Continue the Change and Vazrazhdane

With 12.41% processed tally sheets in the Central Election Commission, GERB-SDS win the elections with 25.68%, Bulgarian Rise and ITN will also enter the National Assembly. Data of the Central Electoral Commission on the results of the parliamentary..

02.10.22 23:47 |

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