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In 2023, most foreigners employed in Bulgaria came for seasonal work

Over 12,000 foreigners from non-EU countries have received various types of work permits in the country since the beginning of the year.  According to the Employment Agency, construction is the main sector in which foreigners in Bulgaria are..

24.11.23 11:33 |

International forum in Sofia discusses labor market in the Western Balkans

Employment is one of the weak links in the Western Balkans. The share of the informal sector in the economy is very high, as well as attrition and depopulation. The informal sector in Kosovo reaches 60%, Veselin Mitov, international..

02.11.23 13:13 |

Nearly a quarter of Bulgarians live below the poverty line

In 2022, the total poverty line for Bulgaria is BGN 525.92 /EUR 268.43/ per household person per month on average. 1.572 million people, or 22.9% of the country's population, were below the poverty line, according to data from the National Statistical..

26.04.23 16:57 |

Newly registered unemployed persons in Bulgaria are over 36,000

Since the beginning of 2023, the number of unemployed citizens who have registered with the employment agency offices across the country has exceeded 36,000 . Of these, 20,230 people were able to find a job thanks to the employment services...

27.02.23 14:19 |

In January job centres provided work to 12,037

With the help of the employment centres in the country, a total of 12 , 037  people started work in January.  More than 20% of them have found jobs in the processing industry, followed by trade, public administration and the hospitality..

16.02.23 19:49 |

Employing foreigners with a "blue card" becomes easier

With amendments to the Labor Migration and Mobility Act, the Bulgarian parliament introduced a flexible regime for the possibilities of remote work and long-term and short-term business trips, including on the territory of the EU. The..

19.01.23 16:03 |

Unemployment in Bulgaria keeps shrinking but business faces personnel shortage

“The moment you become very good at something, the high incomes will inevitably come. The world needs all kinds of people who can do a variety of things," a Bulgarian career development specialist says. However, it is important..

18.01.23 13:00 |
National Social Security Institute

National Insurance Institute reveals large-scale scheme for draining the Pensions Fund

Bulgaria's National Social Security Institute (NOI) has revealed a large-scale scheme to drain the Pensions Fund. It refers to false documents from closed enterprises, about dozens of people appointed to the same position, about signing employment..

16.12.22 18:37 |

Chirpan will soon have its own shopping park

A new investment project in Chirpan will bring employment to about 100 people. The investor in a new shopping park is a company based in Stara Zagora which is building similar ones in three more towns- Gorna Oryahovitsa, Dimitrovgrad and Haskovo...

11.09.22 10:10 |

Survey: 70% of employers face staffing crisis

70% of Bulgarian employers are struggling to find suitable employees, according to a study by the Employment Agency on the labor market and the needs of employers.  "The aim of the survey is to feed information to training institutes and..

23.08.22 18:47 |
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