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Bulgaria wants adjustments made to EU's green policy

The EU Member States should decide for themselves how to achieve the common goals of the Community's Green Policy according to their capabilities. As a poorer country, Bulgaria believes that the goals of using clean energy for heating..

03.12.21 09:15 |
Ivan Ivanov

Natural gas price rises by 10 percent

As of today, the price of natural gas rises by about 10%, the Bulgarian energy regulator has decided. In December, one megawatt-hour of blue fuel costs about 52 euros without fees and taxes. The main reason for the rise is the jump of natural gas..

01.12.21 18:03 |

Three projects by Bulgartransgaz are part of EU list of Projects of Common Interest

Three projects by Bulgartransgaz have been included in the list of Projects of Common Interest. The first project is the expansion of the Chiren gas storage facility , which envisages almost doubling the capacity for storing natural..

24.11.21 14:33 |

Record electricity prices in the Day Ahead segment

The average price of electricity for Wednesday on European energy exchanges has jumped sharply to a new record peak of 271 euros per MWh, and Bulgaria's electricity price rose to a historic high of 272.30 euros, or 532.56 levs, per MWh. This is shown by..

23.11.21 18:06 |

Average day-ahead price of electricity in Bulgaria jumps to over 200 euros

The average price of electricity for Thursday on European energy exchanges reached 190.06 euros per megawatt-hour. In Bulgaria the price jumped to 201.74 euros. In 4 more countries the price exceeded 200 euros per megawatt-hour. This is shown by..

10.11.21 19:05 |

Bulgaria calls for coordinated approach to tackling the energy crisis at meeting in Brussels

An analysis of the impact of high energy prices on the whole economy is needed. This is what Bulgaria's Minister of Finance Valeri Belchev called for at today's Economic and Financial Affairs Council in Brussels. He stressed that high prices and the..

09.11.21 19:32 |

Price of natural gas for business remains unchanged

On November 1, the Bulgarian energy regulator approved the price of natural gas for households, district heating companies and some enterprises on the regulated market. It is 93 BGN per megawatt-hour. The nationally represented..

03.11.21 16:44 |

Sofia will not be left without central heating in winter, deputy minister says

The Bulgarian Energy Holding is considering the option to acquire ownership ofthe municipal company Toplofikacia-Sofia. The aim is to find a solution to the chronic problem with the company's debts. This has become clear at a briefing in the..

25.10.21 19:27 |

Government votes on position for tackling high electricity prices

At today's meeting, the caretaker government decides on the Bulgarian position for the forthcoming European Council, which will discuss the issue of high energy prices and measures to solve the problem. This was announced last night..

19.10.21 07:50 |

Bulgargaz say there would be no gas shortage

We have secured quantities for the Bulgarian market and we will not allow a shortage. All requests of our clients are guaranteed, Nikolay Pavlov, executive director of Bulgargaz, has told bTV. "We see an extraordinary situation in..

15.10.21 12:45 |
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