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Assen Vassilev

Finance Minister Assen Vassilev believes Bulgaria will be able to adopt the euro in 2025 at 3% inflation

The average annual inflation in Bulgaria will be 3%, according to data of the European Central Bank and the European Commission, said Finance Minister Assen Vassilev, who is in Ghent, Belgium, for the informal meeting of EU economic and financial..

24.02.24 16:04 |

Bulgarians working abroad have sent over EUR 1.32 billion to the country in 2023, BNB says

Bulgarians working abroad have sent a record EUR 1.32 billion to their relatives in the country in 2023, official Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) statistics show. Compared to 2022, that is an increase of 25%. This means the sumtotal of the..

20.02.24 08:37 |

Vazrazhdane activists block entrance to Burgas West port terminal 

About 50 activists and politicians from the Vazrazhdane party blocked the entrance to the Port Terminal Burgas West for two hours . They did so in response to the Constitutional Court's decision to reject the request to hold a national referendum on..

18.02.24 14:48 |

Bulgarian Parliament adopts Bulgarian National Bank bill regulating the status of the euro

The Bulgarian Parliament has adopted the amendments to the Law on the Bulgarian National Bank which regulate the legal integration of the Bulgarian Central Bank into the Eurosystem upon the introduction of the euro as the currency of Bulgaria. The..

01.02.24 14:55 |

Loan lending for households in Bulgaria might be tightened, says BNB governor

Lending loans to households may be tightened following an analysis of data for the first quarter of this year. This was stated by the Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank, Dimitar Radev, in an interview for the BNR. According to him, such measures..

28.01.24 10:50 |

Shop prices to be displayed in Leva and in Euro one month after announcement of Eurozone accession date

One month after the date is announced of the country’s entry into the Eurozone, shop prices will start to be displayed in both Leva and Euro, and this will continue for one year after the Euro is introduced in the country, the Council of Ministers..

27.01.24 09:53 |

National Art Academy student wins competition for logo and slogan for Bulgaria's Euro adoption

Among 22 projects, the Ministry of Finance chose the symbols with which the campaign for the introduction of the euro in the country will go. The slogan of the campaign is "Unity is strength" and it is inspired by the legend of Khan Kubrat, his sons and..

22.01.24 09:15 |

New law on the Bulgarian National Bank adopted in first reading

The National Assembly has adopted in first reading the new law on the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), which will enable Bulgaria to join the euro area. The purpose of the law is to ensure the legal integration of the Bulgarian National Bank into the..

19.01.24 18:42 |
Levon Hampartsumyan

The lev will be eternally exchangeable after the adoption of the euro

We should not blame the euro for our own fears and failures. If Bulgaria adopts the single currency, the system with which we measure our economic success or failure will be in euros instead of leva, banker and economist Levon Hampartsumyan said..

18.01.24 11:51 |

IMF: Bulgaria should bring inflation to levels that meet the requirements for adopting the euro

I hope that the authorities in Bulgaria will manage to bring inflation in the country to levels that meet the requirements for adopting the euro, the Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund for Bulgaria, Paul Hilbers, said for BNT...

10.12.23 10:48 |
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