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“Bulgaria” gallery in Rome presents characters from Bulgarian theatre

“Nocturnal characters” – this is the title of an exposition dedicated to Bulgarian theatre, which will be presented on 23 March in the historic centre of Rome, Italy. The exhibition is one of the most notable projects connected with the European..

22.03.24 11:58 |

Natural History Museum in Plovdiv opens Antarctica exposition and invites children to ice festival

The Regional Museum of Natural History in Plovdiv is officially opening its new exposition “Poles” on Friday, 16 February,  the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports. The event is part of a project called “Building a living Antarctica exposition”, and is..

16.02.24 07:15 |

Results of archaeological season 2023 presented in an exposition

The 17 th National archaeological exhibition Bulgarian Archaeology 2023 is opening at the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The exhibition will be on in the museum’s central hall from 14..

14.02.24 07:00 |

Bulgaria takes part in Agra 2023 agriculture and food fair in Slovenia

Bulgaria is taking part, with a national stall, in the 61 st edition of the International Agriculture and Food exposition Agra 2023 in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia, 26-31 August, 2023.   The opening of the international fair will be attended by..

26.08.23 07:30 |

13 works of art dedicated to the Bulgarian alphabet to be exhibited in Vancouver

The first exhibition of its kind "The Light of the Letters" will be launched on September 22 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The date of the opening was chosen to coincide with Bulgarian Independence Day, which will be celebrated by both the..

18.09.22 10:10 |

"Materialization of Surrealism" - original works by Salvador Dali exhibited in Ruse

The art gallery in the Danubian city of Ruse hosts a unique exhibition attracting great interest. Under the title "Materialization of Surrealism", the exhibition presents 60 original works by genius artist of the 20th century, Salvador Dali...

21.07.22 12:40 |
Vice President Iotova at the exposition

National exposition of arts and crafts in Oreshak marks 50th jubilee

The national exposition of arts and crafts in Oreshak village near Troyan is marking its 50 th jubilee today with a retrospective exhibition “Tradition with a future”. Vice President Iliana Iotova is a special guest at the event. Here is what..

25.06.22 15:30 |

A new exhibition traces Plovdiv’s road to modernity

On September 6, 2021, when Bulgaria marks the 136 th anniversary since the Unification of Bulgaria, the guests and residents of the town of Plovdiv will be able to visit the latest exposition of the Regional Historical Museum free of charge...

05.09.21 13:45 |

Unique weapons from the period of Bulgaria’s Liberation are displayed in Pleven

Until March 18, the house-museum "Tsar Liberator Alexander II" in Pleven will have on display an exhibition dedicated to the 143 rd anniversary of Bulgaria’s Liberation from Ottoman Rule. It presents 14 exhibits from the fund of the Regional Museum of..

06.03.21 05:05 |
Little owl (photo). Author: His Excellency Maciej Szymanski

Wild Sofia exhibition - get acquainted with the fauna of the capital city

Until September 22, Sofia residents and guests of the city can see the exhibition "Wild Sofia", which presents biodiversity in the capital city. The exposition is composed of photographs and drawings of animals and birds, which sometimes unsuspectingly..

05.09.20 05:10 |
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