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The Protection of the Theotokos - a great feast for Orthodox Christians 

The Orthodox Church honors today the church feast of Pokrov Bogorodichen . The feast is both named The Protection of the Theotokos, or The Intercession of the Theotokos as in most Slavic languages, the word "Pokrov" means both "covering" and..

01.10.23 05:50 |

Bulgarian capital Sofia celebrates its day with a festive programme

On September 17, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the holy martyrs Faith, Hope and Love and their mother Sofia, and on this day the capital of Bulgaria also celebrates its feast day.  Today's festivities begins with a solemn water service and..

17.09.23 06:40 |

Epiphany and the symbols of baptism

Every year, on the eve of Epiphany itself (on January 5 and 6), in all active churches and monasteries of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the so-called Great Blessing of the Waters takes place, during which water is consecrated. The sacrament, through..

06.01.23 09:09 |
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