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Theodore Ushev

Theodore Ushev: An animator with a cause

Fairytales are the first way in which a child gets to know the surrounding world, and begins to distinguish good from evil, beautiful from ugly, right from wrong. When we grow up these fairytales are transformed into the personal stories of the people..

28.10.22 08:35 |
Scene from the film

Bulgarian film "Women Do Cry" selected to compete for the European Film Awards

The Bulgarian film "Women Do Cry" is among 30 films that the board of the European Film Academy chose for the academy's feature film selection for 2022, Bulgaria's National Film Centre announced.  The film by the directing duo Mina Mileva and..

21.08.22 18:05 |
Screen grab from Terykony

Ukrainian documentary film Terykony wins Rhodope Film Fest

The Ukrainian film Terykony directed by Taras Tomenk o won the prize for best international feature film and the special prize at the International Rhodope Film Fest documentary film festival. “We saw so many soldiers – Azeri, Armenian, Arab,..

11.07.22 10:39 |
Photo: Facebook /@Raina.Kabaivanska.school

Documentary tells the story of opera prima Raina Kabaivanska and her school in Sofia

The world-renowned opera diva Raina Kabaivanska is the protagonist of a new documentary, La Scuola Kabaivanska ("The School of Kabaivanska"). After the premiere in Sofia on 24 May, the film will now have a screening in Rome, which will be attended by the..

25.06.22 10:05 |

Sofia MENAR Film Festival starts

The 14th edition of the Sofia MENAR Film Festival opens tonight with the Palestinian film "Between Heaven and Earth" by director Najwa Najjar The festival introduces the Bulgarian audience to the culture and traditions of the Islamic..

14.01.22 16:59 |

Portuguese film "Moral Code" wins the grand prize of International Film Festival in Varna

Mario Barroso's Portuguese film "Moral Code" has won the Golden Aphrodite Grand Prize at the 29th edition of the Love is Folly International Film Festival, which closes tonight at the Varna Festival and Congress Centre, BNR-Varna reported. The award..

03.09.21 18:13 |
Still shot from the documentary

Bulgarian film "Silent Heritage" produced by HBO to be shown in 23 countries

The Bulgarian documentary "Silent Heritage", produced by HBO, tells the story of the sign language interpreter Tanya Dimitrova, who has been translating at the press briefings of Bulgaria's National Coronavirus Operations Headquarters since the..

17.03.21 19:22 |

Bulgarian Maria Bakalova with historic Oscar nomination

Bulgarian Maria Bakalova has become the first Bulgarian actress to be nominated for an Oscar. She will compete in the supporting female role category for her role in Borat 2. Her competitors will be actresses Glenn Close, Olivia..

15.03.21 15:41 |

Film Director Maya Vitkova-Kosev about doing good, art and living between the two

Whether you approve of women’s day, 8 March, whether you think it is political, ideological or gender equality related, it is a fact with all of the controversy and fascination that go with it. Today we present a young woman who admits that the date, 8..

08.03.21 09:05 |
Berlin. The Art of Escape

Bulgarian Documentary and Animation Film Festival starts online

The 25th Golden Rhyton Festival of Bulgarian Documentary and Animated Film, 2020, will take place in the period December 4 to 10 . The festival will open with the documentary "Berlin. The Art of Escape”, BNR reports. Film fans can watch the whole..

04.12.20 10:56 |

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