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Yellow code for dangerous precipitation in 16 regions

On Saturday there will be significant overcast over the country . It will rain heavily with thunderstorms over western and central Bulgaria. In the Eastern part of the country, the precipitation will be in the afternoon and lighter. Maximum temperatures..

08.07.22 19:05 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Monday, July 4

Clear skies are in the forecast for most parts of Bulgaria for Sunday night. It will be mostly sunny on Monday. Cumulus clouds will form in Western Bulgaria in the afternoon. Occasional showers and thunderstorms are expected in the mountain regions...

03.07.22 17:55 |

Scorching sun, no rain across the country

Thursday will be mostly sunny. Temperatures will rise and the maximum will be between 31 and 36°C, in Sofia - around 31°.  On the Black Sea coast it will be mostly sunny. Maximum temperatures will be 27-30°C. The sea water temperature - 23-25°C...

29.06.22 19:10 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Wednesday, June 29

Clear skies are in the forecast for Bulgaria for Tuesday night. Clouds will form over Eastern Bulgaria and the mountains with a chance of occasional showers. It will be mostly sunny on Wednesday. Temperatures will increase slightly and daytime highs..

28.06.22 19:35 |

Warm and sunny Thursday

There will be low clouds and patchy fog in the Upper Thracian Valley on Thursday morning. Later during the day it will be sunny. Over the mountains it will become cloudy with occasional showers. Maximum temperatures will be 25 to 30°C, in Sofia..

15.06.22 18:50 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Wednesday, June 15

It will be sunny on Wednesday. Temporary low clouds are expected in Northern Bulgaria before noon. Occasional showers are also possible there. Maximum temperatures will fluctuate between 24°C and 29°, for Sofia- around 24°. It will be sunny..

14.06.22 19:35 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Wednesday, June 8

It will be sunny on Wednesday morning. Heavy rain, thunderstorms and hailstorms are expected in some parts of the country in the afternoon. Significant precipitation is in the forecast for Southwestern Bulgaria. Maximum temperatures will fluctuate..

07.06.22 19:35 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Saturday, May 28

Clouds will form over Western Bulgaria and the central part of the country on Saturday with a chance of rain and thunderstorms. Hailstorms are also possible. The weather will continue hot with maximum temperatures fluctuating between 28°C and 33°C,..

27.05.22 19:35 |

Weather forecast: Temperatures continue high, occasional showers and thunder

During the night there will be considerable clouds which will temporarily disperse over Western Bulgaria. There will be rain in Eastern Bulgaria, in places significant, with thunder. There will be a light wind from the Northwest, in Northeastern..

14.05.22 17:50 |

Weather forecast: Springtime temperatures, no precipitation

On Sunday minimum temperatures will range from 4° C. to 9°C., lower in the lowlands and some valleys. There, light frost is in the forecast. For Sofia minimum temperature 7°C. During the day there will be scattered, at times significant high clouds..

07.05.22 18:00 |
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