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Fair weather, temperatures above freezing

Overnight, there will be patchy clouds with low clouds or fog forming in places . Lows will be mostly between 0°C and 5°C, around 0°C in Sofia. On Wednesday the clouds will be considerable. Maximum temperatures will be between 9°C and 14°C, slightly..

02.01.24 19:05 |

Slight drop in temperatures on Tuesday

Overnight, clouds will increase from the northwest and there will be drizzle in places. Light winds will blow from west-northwest. Lows will be between 0°C and 5°C, 2°C in Sofia.  The day will start with overcast skies. Light rain will fall in..

01.01.24 19:05 |

Temperatures above zero are in the weather forecast for January 1

On New Year's Eve the weather will be mostly clear and calm over the northwestern part of the country. There will be significant clouds over the rest of the country. There will be light to moderate southerly and southeasterly wind. Temperatures at..

31.12.23 17:20 |

Weather forecast: Daytime temperatures continue high in the last days of 2023

On Saturday minimum temperatures will range from minus 3 and 2° C., for Sofia around minus 1° C. In places in the lowlands there will be fog or low clouds. During the day there will be sun, with daytime temperatures reaching 10-15° C., for Sofia..

29.12.23 18:50 |

Weather forecast: Orange and yellow warnings for strong wind nationwide

On Saturday minimum temperatures will range between 1 and 4° C., for Sofia 1° C. below zero. During the day there will be clouds, in Northern Bulgaria there will be rain, in Ludogorie region and the region between the Balkan range and the Danubian..

22.12.23 18:50 |

Yellow code for strong winds in northern Bulgaria

The winter solstice arrives at 5.27 am on Friday. Minimum temperatures will be between minus 3 and 2°C, in Sofia - minus 3°C. A cold front will pass through the country with significant cloudiness and rain showers - in the evening the rain will change..

21.12.23 19:05 |
Зима в Морската градина

Unseasonably warm winter day

On Wednesday the minimum temperatures will be between minus 2 and 3°C, in Sofia it will be minus 2°C. Before noon it will be mostly sunny, but in the valleys and around water basins there will be fog or low clouds. In the afternoon, clouds will increase..

19.12.23 19:05 |

Temperatures up to 14 degrees on Tuesday

Overnight it will be clear and almost calm with lows between -4°C and 1°C, around -4°C in Sofia. Tomorrow will be mostly sunny. Visibility will be temporarily reduced in the plains and valleys. There will be light to moderate winds from..

18.12.23 19:05 |

Temperatures rising on Monday

Overnight it will be mostly clear with a light westerly wind. Minimum temperatures will be between minus 3 and minus 2 degrees Celsius, around minus 2 degrees Celsius in Sofia. Monday will be mostly sunny. Light to moderate westerly winds will blow in..

17.12.23 19:05 |

Weather forecast: Sunny on Sunday with daytime highs above zero

During the night the snow and the rain will stop nationwide, the clouds will scatter and disperse. The wind will subside and will turn from the West-Northwest. Minimum temperatures minus 6° C., minus 1° C., lower in places in the lowlands, for Sofia..

16.12.23 17:55 |
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