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Smart Burgas or when your city is a click away

Apart from being the capital of Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea Coast and a paradise for tens of thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists, apart from being one of the best Bulgarian cities to live (according to a national annual ranking), Burgas..

06.01.21 10:05 |

The challenges spa tourism in Bulgaria faces and the possible options

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a sharp decline in the number of foreign tourists coming to Bulgaria. The travel restrictions also stopped Bulgarian tourists from travelling abroad for their holidays. Though with a great deal of..

23.09.20 11:41 |

Bulgaria calls on Greece to find solution to border crossing issue

Deputy Foreign Minister Petko Doikov has invited Greek Ambassador to Bulgaria Dimitrios Chronopoulos to the Foreign Ministry to discuss the situation with border checkpoints with Greece .  Doikov stressed the difficult situation at the..

03.07.20 18:32 |
Tourism Minister Angelkova

Since the start of summer season, Bulgaria has welcomed tourists from 35 countries

We are already receiving guests from 35 countries, but the revival of the tourism sector is gradual, said Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova during a parliamentary control session. Bulgaria was one of the first countries to reopen its borders to..

03.07.20 14:37 |

First foreign tourists arrive in Bulgaria's Varna

After the first charter flight with 189 tourists onboard from the Netherlands arrived in Burgas on June 26, today the coastal city of Varna also welcomed its first foreign guests. The first of three charter flights from Germany with 120 passengers..

27.06.20 15:44 |
Rumen Draganov from the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism

Spring decline in Bulgarian tourism amounts to 17%

The tourism industry expects 16,000 charter flights with foreigners to land in Bulgaria by the end of the season, said Rumen Draganov of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism. With 75% employment, we expect about 2.5 million foreigners..

21.06.20 11:46 |

To vacationers in Bulgaria: Choose the guarded beaches!

At the end of the month, the first foreign tourists will arrive in Bulgarian on charter flights and the beaches on the Black Sea coast will become more bustling with life. The presence of holidaymakers will have a good effect on the tourist..

19.06.20 12:01 |
Polina Karastoyanova

Without foreign tourists, 2020 could be catastrophic for Bulgarian tourism

The managing boards of tourist organizations and universities have signed a Charter of Bulgarian Tourism - 2020 . The document is a roadmap for a responsible, coordinated and safe restart of Bulgarian tourism in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. "A..

10.06.20 15:20 |

First foreign tourists expected to arrive at Southern Black Sea coast on 17 June

The first tourists are expected to arrive in the southern portion of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline on 17 June by charter plane from Germany and Great Britain, provided the state of emergency in the country is not extended . On 23 June..

28.04.20 19:29 |

Number of foreign tourists visiting Bulgaria in 2017 expected to increase by up to 10%

We are expecting a 7% to 10% increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting Bulgaria in the summer of 2017 as compared to 2016 when a record high number of holidaymakers (8.2 million) visited Bulgaria since 1989, Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism..

07.07.17 14:26 |
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