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Rumen Draganov

Bulgarian tourism expects a strong winter season

European and global tourism grew by 3.7%. Bulgaria performs well in this segment. The new winter season is expected to repeat last year's occupancy. There will even be a small increase, Rumen Draganov, Director at the Institute for Analysis and..

28.11.23 12:17 |
View of Sofia

Sofia: an increasingly popular destination among foreign tourists

Urban tourist destinations have been recovering very rapidly after the coronavirus pandemic. The municipal department of tourism, Sofia is expecting the number of tourists to reach pre-pandemic levels and even higher numbers. A 61% increase..

30.03.23 19:38 |

Burgas Airport welcomes first tourists for 2023 summer season

The first group of 173 foreign tourists for the 2023 summer season arrived on Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea Coast with a regular flight from Warsaw. Traditionally, they were welcomed with a water salute and an official ceremony at Burgas Airport...

26.03.23 13:53 |

Bulgaria's winter resorts are fully booked between Christmas and New Year's Eve

More than 1.2 million foreign tourists are expected to visit Bulgaria during the winter season, which is 8%-11% more as compared to the previous winter season. Winter resorts are fully booked between Christmas and New Year's Eve.  "The interest from..

11.12.22 11:26 |

The number of foreign tourists visiting Sofia increases with 90% year on year

The number of foreign tourists visiting Sofia has increased with 90% as compared to 2021, the Director of the Municipal Enterprise for Tourism in Sofia Ivo Marinov said for the BNR. The average length of stay of foreign tourists in Bulgaria’s capital..

08.10.22 12:00 |

Drop in foreign tourist numbers is just 20% compared to pre-pandemic 2019: caretaker minister of tourism

1.1 million is the number of foreign tourists who have passed through Burgas airport this season. The tourist industry is gradually springing back to its feet, the drop in numbers compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019 is only 20%, caretaker..

29.08.22 16:32 |
Sofia Airport

Number of foreign tourists visiting Bulgaria has increased with 130% since the beginning of 2022

Nearly 2, 207,000 foreign tourists visited Bulgaria in the first half of 2022, or 130% more compared to the same period of 2021, Bulgaria’s caretaker Deputy Minister of Tourism Irena Georgieva announced at a press conference at Sofia Airport. In..

05.08.22 10:31 |

A new trend: Bulgarian tourists book early for the holidays

The snow did not come late this year and the most impatient winter lovers are already exploring the ski slopes of Bulgaria’s winter resorts. Meanwhile, hoteliers and restaurateurs across the country are busy preparing for the Christmas and..

09.12.21 11:12 |
Minister of Tourism Stela Baltova

Summer tourism is up by 70%, tourism minister says

The number of tourists who have holidayed on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the summer of 2021 is up by 70% compared to 2020, announced Minister of Tourism Stela Baltova after a meeting with representatives of the tourist industry in Varna. She..

14.09.21 13:32 |
Rumen Draganov

More than 1.5 million foreign tourists expected to visit Bulgaria in August

Europeans feel great in Bulgaria, because there are not so many restrictions in this country- people do not have to wear face masks outdoors and unvaccinated people can visit cafes and restaurants, Associate Professor Rumen Draganov, Director of the..

09.08.21 11:18 |
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