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In 2023, most foreigners employed in Bulgaria came for seasonal work

Over 12,000 foreigners from non-EU countries have received various types of work permits in the country since the beginning of the year.  According to the Employment Agency, construction is the main sector in which foreigners in Bulgaria are..

24.11.23 11:33 |

The new Kapantsi: Young people from Bulgaria and other countries who have chosen to live in Sadina

Sadina village lies in Northeastern Bulgaria, in the region of Razgrad. There is a small community living here of the ethnic group Kapantsi, who are thought to be direct descendants of the Proto-Bulgarians of old. To this day, the Kapantsi..

27.03.23 13:10 |

Autumn in Sofia through the eyes of two young men from France

What can motivate two young Frenchmen from Paris to come to Bulgaria in the autumn, besides an invitation from a friend? Jules and Arthur, who decided to trade the capital of France for the capital of Bulgaria for a few days, say Sofia..

03.11.22 11:44 |

Bulgaria is among the top dental tourism destinations

High costs of dental work and insufficient insurance coverage have driven people to turn to what is known as dental tourism – combining a holiday abroad with low-cost dentistry. The global dental tourism market is expected to reach a valuation of USD..

02.11.22 11:29 |

43 foreigners detained in Bulgaria's Ruse in August

In August, at the request of the prosecutor's office in the Danube city of Ruse, 43 foreigners were placed in custody . Only four of them (three men and one woman) presented identity documents that proved that they are Turkish citizens. The men are..

05.09.22 15:46 |

Bulgaria facilitates the admission of foreign students to local universities

The Bulgarian government has approved changes to the Ordinance on Admission of university students. They will facilitate foreigners applying to Bulgarian universities. The presentation of a medical certificate, which created obstacles for young people..

23.06.22 12:21 |

Interior Ministry proposes stricter rules for foreigners in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's Interior Ministry has published proposed changes to the law on foreigners . The long-term residence of foreigners in Bulgaria is legally up to 1 year and this is a status different from the right of long-term residence. It is proposed to..

30.05.22 12:14 |

New regulations facilitate hiring workers from third countries

The Bulgarian Parliament has amended the Foreigners Act, facilitating labour migration and labour mobility. The obligatory study of the labour market by the employer when hiring third-country nationals and offering the job first to Bulgarians, is..

26.02.21 16:39 |

Foreigners with residence in Bulgaria will be entitled to Covid-19 vaccination

All foreign citizens who hold permanent or long-term residence in Bulgaria have the same rights as Bulgarian citizens to be vaccinated in accordance with the relevant phase of the national vaccination plan . This was announced today by Bulgaria's Chief..

04.02.21 16:28 |

Drop by 59% of trips of Bulgarians abroad and by 66% of foreigners in Bulgaria

In July 2020, during the ongoing epidemic situation in Bulgaria, 316.6 thousand Bulgarians undertook trips abroad . This is 59.4% below the registered trips for the same month of 2019, according to data from the National Statistical Institute. In..

27.08.20 14:11 |
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