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Lack of fertilizers on the market worries grain producers

The grain-producing sector in Bulgaria is very worried about the lack of fertilizers . Farmers make orders for quantities, but traders say they are not available, the chairman of the Thracian Union of Grain Producers Radoslav Hristov told BNR's Radio..

18.10.21 18:11 |

2021 is a good year for grain producers

“The wheat yield in 2021 is 52% higher than the previous year when grain production faced a series of problems. Wheat production reached 7.16 million tons, which makes it the best year for the sector in Bulgaria since 2017,” Minister of Agriculture..

24.09.21 14:48 |

Rise in grain production expected

Nearly 5.8 million tons of wheat will be produced in Bulgaria in 2021. Th is is the forecast of the Center for Economic Research in Agriculture, BTA has reported. This is 15% more than the yields in 2020. According..

08.03.21 15:50 |

50% decline of grain yields in eastern Bulgaria

Because of the drought, Bulgaria reports lower yields of corn and sunflower in 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture has reported. Just over 2.8 million tons of corn were produced on 572,417 hectares. The average yield of corn is 494 kg per decare...

09.12.20 11:34 |

Bulgaria's grain balance is guaranteed

Bulgaria's Minister of Agriculture Desislava Taneva said that she was definitely not worried about the grain balance of Bulgaria and the prices of bread. The drought at the beginning of the year led to a 71% lower yield than last year's in the country's..

09.07.20 10:59 |
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