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Exhibits from the collection at the local chitalishte

Garvan village in Dobrudzha, its old mill and who the grebentsi are

The first thing anyone notices upon arrival in Garvan village are the beautiful and well maintained Dobrudzha-style houses. The village lies at the heart of Dobrudzha, the “granary of Bulgaria”, not far from the town of Silistra, and has a population..

16.04.24 13:18 |

Nearly 100 houses in flooded villages in Karlovo region may be demolished

96 houses in the flood-affected villages of Karlovo region - Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina, will be inspected to determine whether they can be repaired or should be demolished. If the experts decide that a house cannot be repaired, the municipality..

19.09.22 16:06 |

The breath of ghost villages or the music of silence

Wind in the branches, birdsong, raindrops and cracking glass from broken windows – this is what Bulgaria’s ghost villages sound like. In the region around Tryavna, a small town in the Balkan Range, there are some 100 old villages and..

14.03.21 08:00 |
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