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Transport Minister Georgi Gvozdeykov and the management of the Polish company Stadler Polska Sp. z o.o.

Transport Minister to negotiate purchase of 35 new train units worth more than 550 mln euro

4 companies are invited for negotiations, says an announcement in the public procurement register. They participated in the previous order for the supply of 7 double-decker trains won by Stadler.  The new order is for 35 railcars with at least..

07.05.24 08:55 |

A pistachio plantation has been planted for the first time in Bulgaria

A pistachio plantation has been planted for the first time in Bulgaria near Sandanski (Southwest Bulgaria). It spans 22 decares (2.2 hectares). The investment was made by a Sofia businessman, BNT reported .  The first harvest is expected within 2-3..

17.04.24 06:10 |

Toyota invests in the development of artificial intelligence at INSAIT

Toyota is funding research at the Bulgarian Institute of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology - INSAIT, part of Sofia University, the press office of the Ministry of Education and Science said.  The research aims to create a new..

10.04.24 13:07 |

Each of us is a potential investor, even with a small amount of our salary

In the modern world, it is no longer enough to know the individual monetary units of countries and to know how their currencies relate to the Bulgarian lev. Converting leva into euros and vice versa is not part of financial literacy in today's extremely..

27.03.24 10:43 |

Construction of "Strumyani – Berovo" border checkpoint has begun

The actual implementation of the project for the construction of the border checkpoint "Strumyani-Berovo" between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia is already underway. This became clear at an informational meeting in Blagoevgrad on the..

26.03.24 17:56 |

German automotive supplier to invest in Pleven plant 

The German company Kayser Automotive will invest in a production facility for components such as piping systems, valves and tank parts in Pleven, Bulgarian Property Developments (BPD) said. The amount of the investment was not disclosed. The factory..

02.03.24 07:10 |

Admiral Emil Eftimov: Investment in security is important for all socio-economic spheres

It is in the interest of society to understand that investment in security is fundamental for the functioning of all socio-economic spheres . With these words, Admiral Emil Efthimov opened the second day of the annual Chief of Defence Conference in..

21.02.24 15:22 |
PM Denkov (right)

Belgian consortium plans to invest over 1 billion euros in battery production in Bulgaria

A Belgian consortium intends to invest in Bulgaria up to 1.1 billion euros in the production of lithium-ion batteries for cars . This was announced by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov after a meeting in the Council of Ministers with representatives of the..

12.12.23 18:02 |

Investments from the USA in Bulgaria are higher than official figures

Investments from the USA and Canada in Bulgaria are larger in size and effect than official statistics report. This is indicated by the second study of the Institute for Market Economy in the last 5 years.  For a number of reasons, many global..

11.12.23 11:50 |
Bulgaria's Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev

Business suffers severe damage from Bulgaria's delayed membership in the Eurozone and Schengen

''The loss from Bulgaria's delayed membership in the Eurozone and Schengen is between 4% and 5% of the country's GDP'', Bulgaria’s Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev said in an interview for Nova TV. ''The business loses between EUR 250 million and..

25.09.23 10:43 |
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