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IT sector in Bulgaria sees growth in employees, attracts specialists from abroad

The software industry is the most socially responsible business sector in Bulgaria. It brings taxes and insurances that are three times higher than the average for the country, drives consumption in the economy, is a major investor in changing the..

04.12.23 13:55 |

Miners in Bulgaria will protest to preserve coal mining

Miners and energy workers will come out for a national protest today for the preservation of coal mining and against the premature closure of capacities in the coal mining sector. The protest is organized by the two largest trade unions in Bulgaria -..

19.09.23 06:10 |

Bulgaria’s economy relies on schoolgoers as a labour force

115 million children globally are engaged in hard work, children are the driving force in high-profit industries such as metalworking, construction, textiles, electric car battery manufacture, indicate International Labour Organization (ILO) data. The..

14.06.23 11:19 |

Around 200,000 Bulgarians look for jobs on largest professional network

More than 1.2 million people in Bulgaria are registered on the professional network LinkedIn up to date, exactly 20 years after it was created, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports, citing a report on the use of the platform in this country...

05.05.23 14:14 |

Newly registered unemployed persons in Bulgaria are over 36,000

Since the beginning of 2023, the number of unemployed citizens who have registered with the employment agency offices across the country has exceeded 36,000 . Of these, 20,230 people were able to find a job thanks to the employment services...

27.02.23 14:19 |

Bulgaria's exports to Spain reach record values

In 10 years, Bulgaria's exports to Spain have increased by 73% , as recent years have marked record values in the history of economic cooperation between the two countries. In the period 2017-2019, trade with Spain exceeded 2 billion euros per year,..

20.02.23 18:10 |

In January job centres provided work to 12,037

With the help of the employment centres in the country, a total of 12 , 037  people started work in January.  More than 20% of them have found jobs in the processing industry, followed by trade, public administration and the hospitality..

16.02.23 19:49 |

Labor market is recovering, the greatest demand for workers is in the trade sphere

After the drastic drop in the number of job offers in December 2022, the labor market marked some recovery in January. For a month, the total number of job offers has increased by nearly 70%, reporter Nataliya Ganchovska informs. Most job offers..

02.02.23 19:42 |

Unemployment in Bulgaria keeps shrinking but business faces personnel shortage

“The moment you become very good at something, the high incomes will inevitably come. The world needs all kinds of people who can do a variety of things," a Bulgarian career development specialist says. However, it is important..

18.01.23 13:00 |

A survey starts among Ukrainians about their job opportunities in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's Employment Agency has started a survey among Ukrainian citizens residing in Bulgaria . The goal is for the state institutions to receive up-to-date information about their job opportunities in the country in the coming months. Their attitudes..

13.12.22 15:50 |
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