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Garvan village in Dobrudzha, its old mill and who the grebentsi are

The first thing anyone notices upon arrival in Garvan village are the beautiful and well maintained Dobrudzha-style houses. The village lies at the heart of Dobrudzha, the “granary of Bulgaria”, not far from the town of Silistra, and has a population..

16.04.24 13:18 |

Bulgaria's maize and sunflower crops hit by bad weather

The spring crops - maize and sunflower - in most parts of the country is poor , and in some places even alarming, reports BNR correspondent in Dobrich Maya Shcherbanova. Farmers' forecasts are for extremely low yields, close to those of the critical year..

10.08.23 18:14 |

Grain imports from Ukraine worry Bulgarian farmers

A good wheat harvest – around 7 million tonnes – is what Bulgarian wheat producers are expecting, the standard annual wheat yield being around 5 million tonnes, outgoing Minister of Agriculture Ivan Ivanov says. Though the outlook is..

11.07.22 12:30 |

Despite the drought Bulgaria will export 3.7 million tons of wheat

Despite the bad harvest in 2020, the potential for the export of wheat is good, indicates an analysis by the Centre for Agri-Policy Analysis CAPA. The forecast is that by next summer Bulgaria will have sold 3.7 million tons of wheat abroad...

05.10.20 16:14 |
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