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Bulgarian Rise: The important thing now is to form a cabinet, snap elections will not solve any problems

“It has been a month now since the start of the consultations. I gave the political parties represented in parliament enough time to find a way out of the confrontation and to attain a rational consensus on the formation of a cabinet. But instead of..

28.11.22 15:36 |
 Desislava Atanasova, chair of the GERB-SDS parliamentary group

GERB party ready for dialogue on the formation of a government with everyone, Desislava Atanasova says

GERB party is ready for dialogue with everyone for the formation of a government, whoever may be holding the mandate, Desislava Atanasova, chair of the GERB-SDS parliamentary group stated in Ruse, as quoted by public service TV BNT. “The..

28.11.22 14:53 |
Kiril Petkov (R)

We Continue the Change say they are ready with a “government of hope”

“We are ready, if we are handed the second mandate, to form a minority government,” the co-chair of We Continue the Change party and former PM Kiril Petkov stated in parliament. "Democratic Bulgaria": Second mandate has biggest..

23.11.22 13:45 |

President Radev: Parliament's top priority is to form a regular cabinet

President Rumen Radev met with representatives of the parliamentary group of the "BSP for Bulgaria" i n the course of the consultations with the parliamentary forces in the 48th National Assembly, before handing over the first exploratory mandate to..

16.11.22 17:42 |

Boyko Borisov says he is optimistic about the formation of a regular cabinet

The leader of the GERB party, which won the elections, Boyko Borisov, demonstrated optimism for the formation of a regular government. "It doesn't matter with which mandate it will be formed. A document can be drawn up, guaranteed by parties, by..

11.11.22 13:25 |
President Rumen Radev

The consultations on the formation of a cabinet continue on Monday, no date set yet for the handing of the first mandate

President Rumen Radev announced that he would hold the second round of consultations on the formation of a government on Monday, 31 October – this time with We Continue the Change , having already held consultations with GERB-SDS, which holds..

28.10.22 14:37 |
Kostadin Kostadinov

Vazrazhdane Party will not negotiate, will form its own government, if handed the third mandate

Vazrazhdane party will not participate in the contact group proposed by GERB leader Boyko Borissov , said Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of the party. He added that he was ready to form a government with a third parliamentary mandate if the president handed..

05.10.22 14:09 |

Nationalist Vazrazhdane party calls on public to refuse to observe mask-wearing mandate

The leader of Vazrazhdane nationalist party and MP Kostadin Kostadinov called on the public to refuse to observe the mask-wearing mandate. Speaking in Varna, where mandatory mask-wearing was reintroduced in closed public areas and on public..

31.07.22 15:16 |
Geolrgi Svilenski, BSP (L) hands mandate back to President Radev

President Rumen Radev could set the date for early elections within 72 hours

In line with protocol, and turning down the invitation to sit down, representatives of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, handed President Rumen Radev back the third and last exploratory mandate for the formation of a government within the..

28.07.22 10:49 |

BSP National Council discusses what to do with government-forming mandate

This afternoon, the Executive Bureau of the BSP will propose to the National Council of the party two options for action regarding the obtained third and last mandate for government formation within the framework of the 47th National..

26.07.22 06:45 |

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