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President Rumen Radev (R) hands ITN the third cabinet-forming mandate

President Radev hands ITN the third cabinet-forming mandate, they hand it back to him unfulfilled

There Is Such a People (ITN) thanked President Rumen Radev for placing his trust in them, and handed the third and last mandate for forming a cabinet back to him unfulfilled. Nikolay Denkov, PP-DB: It is up to the Bulgarian citizens to..

28.03.24 11:32 |
Nikolai Denkov L, President Rumen Radev, Sofia, 27 March, 2024.

Nikolay Denkov, PP-DB: It is up to the Bulgarian citizens to choose our future path

President Rumen Radev gave the mandate to form a government to Nikolay Denkov, a candidate for prime minister nominated by the second-largest parliamentary group in the 49th National Assembly, the PP-DB. The mandate was immediately returned to..

27.03.24 15:57 |
GERB's Mariya Gabriel.

GERB will not be part of a government with another party's mandate

GERB-SDS has reaffirmed its decision not to enter into negotiations with another party with a mandate to form a government , after Mariya Gabriel officially withdrew her candidacy for prime minister.  Mariya Gabriel has officially withdrawn her..

26.03.24 15:20 |
PP/DB co-chairman Kiril Petkov

PP/DB co-chair Kiril Petkov: The agreement is the reason why the negotiations fell through

The leaders of We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) have not yet made any official comment after the decision by Mariya Gabriel, nominated for prime minister by GERB party, to officially withdraw the government-forming mandate she was..

25.03.24 14:43 |
Boyko Borissov:

Apologizing is the way to continue the negotiations on a government of Bulgaria, GERB/SDS says

Bulgaria is going through a difficult time politically, a time when it has to carry through the first in its history government rotation, as agreed 9 months ago when the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov was formed. Yesterday, 19..

20.03.24 11:49 |

Less than 24 hours until we know if there will be a rotation government in Bulgaria

GERB's candidate for prime minister, Mariya Gabriel, today received an exploratory mandate from President Rumen Radev to form a government.  She announced that she would keep the cabinet mandate, but that waiting for the constitutional seven-day..

18.03.24 14:45 |
Mariya Gabriel

President gives GERB first government mandate

The outgoing deputy prime minister, Mariya Gabriel, is to be handed a mandate for the formation of a government on Monday. The president postponed the ceremony until March 18 because of two days of national mourning following the death of Patriarch..

18.03.24 07:05 |
Георги Първанов

Former President Georgi Parvanov: Probably external pressure has brought together the recently irreconcilable PP-DB and GERB-SDS

The President of Bulgaria has the right to express his political position and there is a Constitutional Court decision to that effect. This is the comment of the President of Bulgaria (2002-2012) Georgi Parvanov on President Rumen Radev's speech at the..

03.06.23 15:06 |

Protest "against" organized in response to last night’s protest "for" Bulgaria's European future

Left-wing organizations such as “Bulgaria out of EU and NATO”, MIR and BROD, organized a protest in front of parliament building to demand that the second mandate for the formation of a government be handed back unfulfilled. The event, attended by..

31.05.23 13:10 |

Bulgaria's Constitutional Court asked about the legitimacy of the Supreme Judicial Council

Bulgaria's Prosecutor General has submitted a request to the Constitutional Court to interpret whether it is admissible for the Supreme Judicial Council, whose mandate has expired, to make personnel decisions for the senior magistrates in the..

29.05.23 11:28 |
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