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Temperatures are expected to rise during the weekend

The minimum temperatures on Saturday will range between 3 °C and 8°C. Moderate northwesterly winds are expected during the day. Clouds will dissipate in the western parts of the country first and later in Eastern Bulgaria. Daytime temperatures will..

19.11.21 19:40 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Thursday, October 14, 2021

Cloudy weather is in the forecast for Bulgaria for Thursday . Rain is expected in all Bulgarian regions. Significant precipitation in expected in Southwest and Central Bulgaria in the afternoon hours. Sleet is expected in Western Bulgaria i n..

13.10.21 19:25 |

Weather forecast for Tuesday, 14 September

On Tuesday there will be sun with no indications whatever of hazardous weather. Maximum temperatures 27°- 32° C., for Sofia, minimum temperature 8°, maximum 27° C. Over the Black Sea there will be scattered, in the Southern regions..

13.09.21 19:40 |

Weather forecast for Thursday, 9 September

On Thursday there will be scattered to significant clouds. Showers are in the forecast, predominantly in Southern Bulgaria, and heavy rain in some mountain regions. Temperatures will continue low for the beginning of September, reaching a maximum of..

08.09.21 19:45 |

Weather forecast for Wednesday, 8 September

On Wednesday there will be scattered clouds, more significant over Southern Bulgaria, where light rain is in the forecast. Maximum temperatures 20° - 25° C., for Sofia 20° C. Over the Black Sea coastline there will be a moderate to strong..

07.09.21 19:40 |

Mostly sunny, but cooler front moves in

I t will be clear at night and tomorrow morning it will be mostly sunny with temporary increase in cloudiness over the western regions. In the afternoon, with the penetration of relatively cool air, clouds will..

24.08.21 19:45 |

Weather forecast for August 17

On Tuesday, the weather in Bulgaria will remain sunny with the highest temperatures staying between 34 and 39 degrees. At the Black Sea coast temperatures will be between 26 and 30°C. Short rainfalls are expected over the..

16.08.21 19:45 |

Daytime temperatures start rising again on Sunday

The weather in Bulgaria tomorrow will be sunny and windless. Daytime temperatures will rise and the high will be between 32 °C and 37 °C. On the Black Sea coast , holidaymakers will enjoy sunny weather and  cooling sea breeze. The maximum..

07.08.21 17:38 |

Israeli tourists rescued in Rila Mountain

The Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service has carried out a rescue operation in search of lost Israeli tourists. The signal for lost tourists was received by the service at around 8.30 pm last night. Four Israeli citizens - 2 boys and 2 girls aged..

27.07.21 18:15 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Tuesday, 27 July

On Tuesday there will be sun with a light, predominantly easterly wind. Temperatures will continue to go up reaching 32° - 37° C, for Sofia 33° C.  Over the Black Sea coastline there will be a light breeze bringing respite from the heat...

26.07.21 19:30 |
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