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Thracian treasures on display at J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles

Almost 100 exhibits from the Museum of History Iskra in Kazanlak will be put on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the US until the end of the year, Kazanlak municipality has announced on Facebook. The exposition in the US..

20.06.24 11:04 |

Mosaics Museum in Devnya celebrates anniversary with open doors day

On open doors day, 15 June, visitors to the Museum of Mosaics in Devnya will be able to see the restored finds discovered in 2023 for the first time. The items in question include pottery and lamps made in the style of the Marcianopolis master..

15.06.24 08:05 |
National Park-Museum

The region of Petrich where history comes alive

The town of Petrich is picturesquely located at the foot of one of the most beautiful and still untouched by tourism mountains - Ograzhden and Belasitsa. The area around the southwestern town has been inhabited since ancient times, as..

08.05.24 13:05 |
Exhibits from the collection at the local chitalishte

Garvan village in Dobrudzha, its old mill and who the grebentsi are

The first thing anyone notices upon arrival in Garvan village are the beautiful and well maintained Dobrudzha-style houses. The village lies at the heart of Dobrudzha, the “granary of Bulgaria”, not far from the town of Silistra, and has a population..

16.04.24 13:18 |

Natural History Museum in Plovdiv opens Antarctica exposition and invites children to ice festival

The Regional Museum of Natural History in Plovdiv is officially opening its new exposition “Poles” on Friday, 16 February,  the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports. The event is part of a project called “Building a living Antarctica exposition”, and is..

16.02.24 07:15 |

“Mysteries and stories in the museum”: Shedding light on the cultural and historical heritage of Haskovo region

The region of Haskovo is studded with remains of its millennial past. The most interesting archaeological finds are on display at the Regional Museum of History in the town, including artifacts from different historical layers, starting from..

06.02.24 11:05 |
Photo: Man and Earth National Museum

Bilingual short film presents the treasures of the National Man and Earth Museum

The kingdom of minerals and crystals, hidden in the heart of the Bulgarian capital, is already attracting more visitors through a new short film presenting the multiple dimensions of this little-known landmark in Sofia. Why is it worth paying a visit..

22.01.24 05:35 |

People from all over the world with a revived interest in the Nikola Vaptsarov museum and in his poetry

Acclaimed poet, humanist and antifascist Nikola Vaptsarov was born on 7 December, 1909 in the small mountain town of Bansko. Having been charged with subversion, he was sentenced to death by firing squad and executed at the garrison shooting range in..

07.12.23 12:59 |

A day at the Museum of Horses and Equestrian Sports

As if coming out of a fairytale, the carriages of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom transport us back in time, and, maybe, to an imaginary world of childhood we all cherish. Such a journey through history is offered by the Museum of Horses and Equestrian..

17.11.23 11:11 |

Exhibition in Sofia presents the Bulgarian lands during the time of Ottoman rule

The renewed exhibition "The Bulgarian lands XV-XIX centuries" opens in the National Historical Museum in Sofia. The exhibition presents a comprehensive narrative about this period, consistent with the current state of historical..

07.11.23 08:00 |
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