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Walking the trails of history in Haskovo and the Rhodope

The town of Haskovo is a gateway to the Eastern Rhodopes, which in turn abound with trails exploring the historical past. But before heading out into the countryside, we recommend the enthusiastic tourist to take a stroll around the town, which boasts..

06.07.22 08:21 |

What did the temple of Fortuna in the Roman colony of Ulpia Oescus look like

Visitors to the National History Museum in Sofia can now take a virtual walk in the temple of the ancient Roman goddess of happiness and fortune Fortuna. The building is part of the former Roman colony of Ulpia Oescus near the present-day..

22.06.22 13:57 |

Aviation Museum welcomes visitors with doors open day

On the occasion of World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day, the Aviation Museum in Krumovo opens its doors for free visits. Tatyana Ivanova, who is the first Bulgarian accepted to participate in NASA's program for candidate astronauts is..

12.04.22 10:33 |
Varna Airport

Varna Airport fascinates visitors with a virtual walk on the seabed

Experiencing the feel of sunken artifacts is now possible thanks to the two new interactive exhibitions of the Children's Science Center "Muzeiko ", which were opened today at Bulgaria's Varna Airport , BTA reported.  The walk on the seabed..

02.04.22 15:36 |

Maglizh monastery keeps the memory of Levski alive

Close to the town of Maglizh, tucked away amidst the slopes of the Balkan Range rises the St. Nicholas monastery of Maglizh. It is thought to have been founded at the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185-1393). After Bulgaria fell to the..

19.02.22 10:10 |

Varna Archaeological Society celebrates 120th anniversary

According to the idea of ​​archaeologists from the Regional Museum of History in Varna, a mobile application providing rich information about the brothers Herman and Karel Škorpil , was created BTA reported. The app marks the 120th..

12.12.21 07:55 |

Burgas museum issues bilingual catalog of its icons

The Regional History Museum in Burgas has published a catalog in Bulgarian and English of all the icons from its exposition and some of those in its repository. The museum has a collection of icons from the National Revival period which are among the most..

16.11.21 19:50 |

An exhibition showcases the millennial history of the Black Sea town of Chernomorets

Last week, an archeological exhibition entitled "Chernomorets - Monuments of Millennial History" was opened at the St. Nicholas Museum in Chernomorets. The exhibition can be visited until the end of October and presents previously unseen..

19.06.21 10:05 |

Museum tells the story of the only functioning narrow-gauge railway line in Bulgaria

The narrow-gauge railway museum at Tsepinaveche railway station, closed many years ago, is now open to visitors. Inside the building of what was once a railway station tourists can catch a glimpse of the past and the present of the only functioning..

03.05.21 06:10 |

Archaeological Museum in Sofia offers virtual tour

The National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has been working on a comprehensive study of the material and spiritual culture of the tribes and peoples who inhabited today's Bulgarian lands..

20.03.21 04:25 |

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