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Museum tells the story of the only functioning narrow-gauge railway line in Bulgaria

The narrow-gauge railway museum at Tsepinaveche railway station, closed many years ago, is now open to visitors. Inside the building of what was once a railway station tourists can catch a glimpse of the past and the present of the only functioning..

03.05.21 06:10 |

Archaeological Museum in Sofia offers virtual tour

The National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has been working on a comprehensive study of the material and spiritual culture of the tribes and peoples who inhabited today's Bulgarian lands..

20.03.21 04:25 |
Regional Historical Museum in Sliven

Sliven-based museum to offer online history lessons for Bulgarian children living abroad

The Regional History Museum in Sliven will organize a series of virtual lessons for children studying in Bulgarian schools abroad. Topics will include  lessons about the ancient Thracians, the National Revival period figures, the national revolutionary..

28.02.21 07:15 |

"Vices" Exhibition focuses on weaknesses of the Bulgarians

A century ago Bulgarians used to relax sipping their Turkish-style coffee with lots of sugar, eating Turkish delight or baklava as they engaged in talks. Discussing politics, they were shrouded in tobacco smoke holding a glass of absinthe in hand...

24.02.21 13:14 |

National Museum of History presents new exhibition of archaeological discoveries

In the exhibition “Ancient finds. New discoveries. Archaeological Season 2020” the National Museum of History will show its new artifacts discovered by 22 archaeological expeditions during the last archaeological season. During the..

17.01.21 04:40 |

National Museum of Military History receives national and European recognition

Two projects of the National Museum of Military History received recognition from the Museum Exhibition Fair and European foundation Art Explora, the museum announced. One of the winning projects is the space "Scars of War: Sofia's Lost..

28.11.20 06:00 |

Last Bulgarian submarine now open to the public as a museum

The last Bulgarian submarine, Slava, is now a museum and awaiting visitors in the town of Beloslav, close to the city of Varna, on Bulgaria's Northern Black Sea coast. The vessel’s last mission took place on 21 December, 2010. Now, the officers’..

20.08.20 10:56 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church calls for Hagia Sophia church in Istanbul to remain a museum

The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church has issued an official position on the reconversion of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a mosque: “As a millennial shrine for all Christianity and a spiritual center of Orthodoxy, this temple is dear..

22.07.20 09:21 |
Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Bulgaria reacts with regret to Turkey's decision to convert Hagia Sophia in Istanbul back into mosque

"We join the calls of the international community to preserve the existing access to the monument, given its history and its symbolic significance for Christianity and Islam . We expect the universal historical value of the monument to be preserved as..

11.07.20 18:10 |
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