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Bulgaria has not received any requests for evacuation of Bulgarian citizens after the attack on Israel

There is no immediate threat to Bulgaria's national security, the government press service said. On the occasion of the Iranian attack on Israel, caretaker Prеmier Dimitar Glavchev convened this morning a working meeting with the participation of..

14.04.24 10:24 |

Vote of no confidence in the government to be debated on 15 November

The President of the Bulgarian National Assembly Rosen Zhelyazkov has scheduled the debate on the motion of no confidence in the Denkov-Gabriel government, tabled by the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Vazrazhdane and There Is Such a People (ITN), for..

09.11.23 14:22 |

President Rumen Radev: There is no direct threat to Bulgaria's national security

The reports of the services show that there is no direct threat to Bulgaria’s national security at present, President Rumen Radev said at a briefing after a consultative meeting on the risks and threats to national security as a result of the..

11.10.23 21:59 |
President Rumen Radev

The President will hold a national security advisory meeting

For this evening, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has called a consultative meeting, where the risks and threats to national security as a result of the current world conflicts and measures to minimize them will be discussed. The topic of the meeting..

11.10.23 15:04 |

President Radev and War Minister Tagarev discuss the state of Bulgarian army

At a meeting held at the Presidential Palace, President Rumen Radev, Defense Minister Todor Tagarev and Chief of Defence Admiral Emil Eftimov discussed options for urgent measures to provide personnel for the Bulgarian army and speed up its..

08.08.23 18:15 |

Bulgaria will be able to take control over the oil refinery in Burgas if necessary

Following a decision of Bulgaria’s National Assembly, the state will be able to take control over the oil refinery in Burgas if necessary. The Minister of Economy, at the proposal of an advisory council, may temporarily appoint a special..

13.01.23 14:27 |

Bulgaria's Security Agency DANS admits to Russian influence and propaganda in Bulgaria

Russia tries to directly influence the processes in the energy sector and in the elections, and the propaganda is developed through the media and a number of organizations . This becomes clear from the 2021 report of Bulgaria's State Agency  for..

14.09.22 15:11 |
Sotir Tsatsarov

Bulgarian Parliaments accepts resignation of anti-corruption commission chairman

MPs have unanimously accepted the resignation of the chairman of the anti-corruption commission Sotir Tsatsarov, as of March 1. The decision was taken by 197 votes in favour to none "against" and no abstentions. Tsatsarov resigned in mid-January..

02.02.22 18:40 |
President Rumen Radev

Bulgarian President to convene Consultative Council on National Security

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has announced that he plans to convene the Consultative Council on National Security in the second half of April, in order to discuss issues related to the country's energy security. The head of state pointed..

13.03.18 13:49 |

Bulgaria’s State Intelligence Agency acquires information about activities threatening national security

Bulgaria’s State Intelligence Agency has acquired early information about activities posing risks and threats over the sovereignty, the territorial integrity of the country and the unity of the nation, which also threaten the political and economic..

04.09.17 15:45 |
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