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President Rumen Radev

President Rumen Radev starts political consultations on forming a new government

The Bulgarian government has filed its resignation in parliament after the no-confidence vote against Kiril Petkov's cabinet. There Is Such a People will try to form a government if it is given a mandate: Iva Miteva PM Kiril Petkov to submit..

27.06.22 12:22 |

Bulgarian society polarized after no-confidence vote in government

48.1% of Bulgarians approve of the removal of the current government, 50.5% are dissatisfied , a national Gallup International poll on June 25 shows. Corruption and pro-Russian influence in Bulgaria “joined forces” to bring down the government, PM..

27.06.22 11:03 |

BSP submits third no-confidence motion against Borissov 3 cabinet

The Bulgarian Socialist Party has submitted a third no-confidence vote against the Borissov 3 cabinet, this time over healthcare. BSP opposes the intentions of the government to make reforms that will place additional financial burden on the Bulgarian..

15.10.18 16:51 |
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