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Photographer Miroslav Tsvyatkov presents life on the other side of the world

Residents and guests of Sevlievo can visit the "View from the other side of the world" exhibition. The exhibition and its author, Miroslav Tsvyatkov, are visiting the city to reveal details about the natural environment, flora, fauna..

18.11.23 08:05 |

Exhibition shows Varna as seen through the eyes of refugees from Ukraine

27 original photographs by nine Ukrainian youths are arranged in the small art salon of BNR-Varna. The exhibition is titled "Varna - I See Your Beauty" and opens on the eve of the city's holiday on 15 August.  The exhibition is part of a..

10.08.23 23:07 |

Culturama 2023 festival closes with photos of Sofia's wild birds

The photo exhibition "Wild Sofia - Birds" at the summer stage of Cabana cinema in the park space of the National Palace of Culture, draws attention to the bird world.  Feathered species in all their diversity are the most important and eloquent..

16.07.23 06:50 |

Asen Shopov, a successful cameraman in Czechia who is in love with Bulgaria

Sozopol, the small town on the Black Sea, with its old wooden houses and narrow cobblestone streets leading straight to the seashore has been an inspiration for talented Bulgarian cameraman and photographer Asen Shopov, better known professionally in..

27.02.23 13:58 |

Ukrainian refugees are the focus of a photo exhibition at BNR

A photography exhibition entitled "Conversations About War" will open today at the Bulgarian National Radio to mark 300 days since the onset of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  The photos in the exhibition show the first moments..

20.12.22 07:05 |

The photographic findings of translator Jasmina Panayotova

A colorful butterfly under the rays of the sun; the shimmering water that seems to distort reality, or a bird with a piece of food in its beak... Thousands of times a day we pass by small things, part of the world around us, without stopping or..

09.11.22 14:50 |

Lars Nordby - how a visual artist from Norway chose to live and create art in Bulgaria’s Veliko Tarnovo

A sip of modernism and abstract beauty - this is what a tiny art gallery in Veliko Tarnovo - the former Bulgarian capital with a millennial-long history, where the past reminds of itself at every step - offers. But on a quiet street in the old town,..

01.10.22 09:05 |

Elena Panayotova who brings worlds closer together and knows the power of images

Did you know that the world's first lasting photograph was an image of the moon? It was made by the Frenchman Louis Daguerre in 1839. On August 19 of the same year, the photographic method invented by him - daguerreotype - was recognized by the..

19.08.22 07:20 |
Brown Bear

Photohunting brown bears in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is among the European countries with very large population of brown bears( Ursus arctos ). Hunting of the protected species is prohibited, which is the reason why its numbers have increased in recent years , turning the brown..

20.04.22 09:40 |

Simeon Gaitandzhiev’s photographs that capture moments of history

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us rethink the life we are living and the way we travel, stimulating domestic tourism. The so-called urbex locations are as yet uncharted territory even though we can see them in practically every town and village..

28.10.21 15:27 |
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