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Kiril Petkov

Entering into joint government with GERB-SDS was a big mistake, Kiril Petkov says

The co-chairman of PP-DB Kiril Petkov defined entering into a joint government with GERB-SDS as a "big mistake". "We did not realize how dependent Borisov was on Peevski," he told BNR. The goal for the PP-DB is to shed light..

28.04.24 14:38 |

Traditional journalism in Bulgaria has lost the young audience

According to a 2023 National Statistical Institute study, more than 88% percent of households in Bulgaria have access to the Internet. Most users are online every day, and more than 95% are active on social networks. The share of people who read the..

16.04.24 11:16 |

On the draft composition of the caretaker cabinet and the factors underlying the political situation in Bulgaria

A few days ago, caretaker Prime Minister-designate Dimitar Glavchev announced the composition of the interim government that will govern the country in the coming months until the 9 June elections, which will be held together with the vote for the..

08.04.24 13:42 |

Parliament establishes three temporary inquiry committees before the elections

In a late evening meeting, the parliament created 3 temporary committees of inquiry. The first was proposed by "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB) and will investigate the Road Map and the construction of the..

04.04.24 09:13 |
Boyko Borissov

GERB expects ruling coalition of more than two political forces after the elections

I do not know if the candidate for caretaker prime minister wanted meetings and talks with persons from GERB about their appointment as ministers, the leader of GERB Boyko Borissov said on the sidelines of the parliament.  "The..

02.04.24 11:24 |
Nikolai Denkov L, President Rumen Radev, Sofia, 27 March, 2024.

Nikolay Denkov, PP-DB: It is up to the Bulgarian citizens to choose our future path

President Rumen Radev gave the mandate to form a government to Nikolay Denkov, a candidate for prime minister nominated by the second-largest parliamentary group in the 49th National Assembly, the PP-DB. The mandate was immediately returned to..

27.03.24 15:57 |
GERB's Mariya Gabriel.

GERB will not be part of a government with another party's mandate

GERB-SDS has reaffirmed its decision not to enter into negotiations with another party with a mandate to form a government , after Mariya Gabriel officially withdrew her candidacy for prime minister.  Mariya Gabriel has officially withdrawn her..

26.03.24 15:20 |
Mariya Gabriel

President gives GERB first government mandate

The outgoing deputy prime minister, Mariya Gabriel, is to be handed a mandate for the formation of a government on Monday. The president postponed the ceremony until March 18 because of two days of national mourning following the death of Patriarch..

18.03.24 07:05 |

The current government continues its work until a new one is elected

The government will continue to fulfill its official obligations until the election of a new one. This was what Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov said during the discussion of the draft decision for accepting his resignation submitted by..

06.03.24 10:54 |

Businessman Vasil Bozhkov, under house arrest, launches a new political project

Businessman Vasil Bozhkov, currently under house arrest on several charges, including unpaid taxes of half a billion leva (250 million euro) from gambling activities, announced that he had launched a new political project - a national movement..

29.02.24 15:12 |
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