MPs expect from the new cabinet fair elections, maintaining the foreign policy course and work for the people 

The parliamentary forces may not have high hopes for the new caretaker cabinet, which has only one change of minister, but they do have their expectations.  President Radev appoints the new caretaker cabinet The co-chair of We Continue the..

02.02.23 13:38 |

Yet another snap election delays Bulgaria's exit from the political maze

With no more bets left, Bulgaria is now looking towards its fifth parliamentary election in nearly two years, after another blank spin of the political roulette for forming a government. On Tuesday January 24, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is to..

23.01.23 14:30 |
Rumen Radev

Rumen Radev: I chose the party with the best chance of forming a government

Asked by a journalist about his choice to hand the third mandate to the parliamentary group of the "BSP for Bulgaria", Head of State Rumen Radev said that he was looking for the party with the best chances to form a government.  Skepticism among the..

17.01.23 14:25 |
Hristo Ivanov

Are high hopes focused on third government-forming mandate justified?

The insurmountable conditions that the political forces set in an attempt to achieve a parliamentary majority, make the chances for "Democratic Bulgaria" forming a cabinet seem distant. The coalition is expected to receive the third..

12.01.23 13:30 |

Boyko Borissov: There are real chances for forming government with mandate of "Democratic Bulgaria"

There is a chance that the third government-forming mandate would be successful if it went to "Democratic Bulgaria". If it went to "Bulgarian Rise", some majority may be gathered, but it would not be stable. If it goes to the BSP,..

10.01.23 19:26 |

A political impasse marks the outgoing 2022 in Bulgaria

The event that marked the year 2022 in terms of foreign policy is the war on the territory of Ukraine. The military operation launched by Russia on February 24 caused an unprecedented act of solidarity towards the Ukrainian people by almost all EU..

30.12.22 16:12 |

Boyko Borissov is not optimistic about cabinet with mandate of "We Continue the Change"

"With a total of 70 MPs of two parties you cannot form a cabinet and cannot secure quorum. The only chance for that happening is with a post-election document signed by the parties that would support it.” That is how the leader of..

17.12.22 15:44 |

GERB nominee for PM concludes round of meetings with parliamentary groups

At a meeting with the leadership of the Movement for Right and Freedom, the GERB nominee for prime minister, Prof. Nikolay Gabrovski, said that if a government was not formed now, there was a high probability for new early elections. Prof...

09.12.22 19:06 |

Citizens protest against comeback of paper ballots

A protest against the comeback of paper ballot is being organized today at 6:30 p.m. in front of the National Assembly , by Democratic Bulgaria, the Green Movement party and “We Continue the Change”. They point out that the "Paper..

18.11.22 08:00 |

Are there circumstances that would "force" politicians to form a government?

Almost a month after the MPs in the 48 th Bulgarian Parliament were sworn in, Bulgaria continues to be governed by the fourth caretaker cabinet appointed by the president. The Bulgarian head of state Rumen Radev holds consultations with the political..

15.11.22 13:52 |
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