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caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikolay Milkov

Caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs: Bulgarians abroad should be able to vote online or by post

Bulgarians abroad voted in 755 polling stations in 62 countries. A little over 178,000 Bulgarians exercised their right to vote, the highest number being in Turkey- 58,000 people, Great Britain-27,000, Germany-22,000, Spain-11,000, etc, caretaker..

05.10.22 17:51 |

Polling stations in the US and Canada are open

Polling stations are now open everywhere in the US. In Chicago , lower voter turnout is being monitored in the eight polling stations there.  New England and Massachusetts reported higher voter turnout.  In Florida , where there were..

02.10.22 19:43 |

126 polling stations have opened in Great Britain

A total of 126 polling stations opened in Great Britain at 9.00 am Bulgarian time. There are 42 polling stations in London. 4 polling stations were created at the Bulgarian Embassy. Another 4 polling stations were created in Barking, East London...

02.10.22 13:14 |

Atanas Chikov from Great Britain about his refusal to vote at the Parliamentary elections

Atanas has lived in Great Britain for 20 years and admits that he has not voted for a long time, not because he does not care about the destiny of his motherland, but because he feels there is no point voting. Atanas Chikov, immigration advisor and..

02.10.22 12:07 |

Bulgarians abroad vote at 755 polling stations in 62 countries

The early Parliamentary elections for Bulgarians abroad started with the opening of the polling stations in New Zealand and Australia  at 7 am local time (21 pm Bulgarian time on October 1).  A total of 755 polling stations were created in 62..

02.10.22 09:59 |

Bulgarians in the country and abroad elect a new parliament

Polling day, on which Bulgarians are electing 240 men and women to represent them in the 48 th National Assembly, started at 7.00 AM. This is the 4 th election for parliament held in the country in the past 18 months. 22 parties and 6..

02.10.22 07:15 |
Nikolay Milkov

Polling stations abroad are ready to welcome voters

Bulgaria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as diplomatic and consular missions, have carried out all the actions for the preparation for the October 2 elections. This was announced by the caretaker Foreign Minister Nikolay Milkov at a briefing at..

29.09.22 12:35 |

755 polling stations for Bulgarian expats worldwide 

There will be 755 polling stations abroad for the early parliamentary vote on October 2, the Central Election Commission (CEC) has decided. This is 5 polling stations more than in the last elections in November 2021.   For four countries -..

09.09.22 13:33 |

Bulgaria to open 165 polling stations in Turkey, 120 in Great Britain and 77 in Germany

Bulgaria is still waiting to obtain the consent of Germany, Canada, Italy and Austria to hold the parliamentary elections on their territory, the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. The Central Election Commission is expected to..

08.09.22 11:46 |

Nearly 51,000 applications for voting abroad have so far been sumbitted

More than 50 800 Bulgarians have submitted applications to vote abroad in the October 2 snap election, the Central Election Commission said. 26,000 applications were submitted in Turkey. 4,900 Bulgarians in Great Britain, 4,400 in Germany and 2,300..

07.09.22 17:41 |

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