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The voting abroad was crucial for the final results of the election

The 11 July snap election is now history but analyses of the election results still dominate the media. In anticipation of the official constitution of the 46 th National Assembly, we take a rather different view and analyze the way our..

15.07.21 13:26 |

There are no missing polling stations in London: sectional commission member

During the night of July  11- 12, Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission did not answer the calls on three telephone lines, given for contact with  polling stations in Great Britain, members of election commissions in London said for Nova..

13.07.21 10:40 |

Members of sectional election commissions in USA wait for hours to hand over tally sheets

Some members of section al election commissions  in the United States  waited for hours  to hand over their tally sheets. People were dissatisfied because they had to go to work . They said that changes in the model of work of the Central..

13.07.21 09:15 |

There is Such a People Party earns 100,000 more votes as compared to the April 4 elections

There is Such a People Party headed by Slavi Trifonov earned 100,000 more votes at this year’s snap Parliamentary elections, as compared to the general elections held on April 4. This party attracted additional support from core supporters of..

12.07.21 15:06 |

Petar Todorov from France: A government "at any cost" cannot produce reforms

"I voted with the clear awareness that we will never choose the perfect government, but I think that when a person has exercised their right to grass, they can then hold the new government accountable. I hope I voted for the lesser evil!” Petar..

12.07.21 12:30 |

Election Day abroad ends

The last polling stations along the West Coast of the USA closed at 6 AM Bulgarian time, bringing to an end election day for Bulgarians voting abroad for the new 46 th National Assembly of Bulgaria. Voting in USA took place in 58 polling..

12.07.21 08:28 |

Bulgarians in Scotland disappointed that voting machines not available everywhere

Election day in Scotland is also calm. In an interview with Radio Bulgaria, Bulgarian citizen Nelly Olova, who has been organizing the voting in the Bulgarian elections in Scotland for years, explains that there are two polling stations..

11.07.21 22:12 |

Nadezhda Stoyanova from Boston, USA: Bulgaria is part of each of us

It is very important for Bulgarians in the United States to exercise their right to vote in elections in Bulgaria. This is confirmed by the fact that at each subsequent elections the number of Bulgarian voters in the USA increases. In..

11.07.21 18:53 |

No queues formed in front of polling stations in London

General elections and football are certainly the most discussed topics among Bulgarians living in the United Kingdom today. Bulgarians in London are voting at snap Parliamentary elections again in a moment when thousands of..

11.07.21 16:28 |

Machine voting – the biggest novelty at today’s election

For the first time machine voting is mandatory in Bulgaria in polling places with more than 300 voters. In 9,402 polling stations in the country and 273 abroad voting will be entirely by machine. In the polling places where more..

11.07.21 07:20 |
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