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Election day abroad is over

Election day abroad ended at 6:00 am Bulgarian time on June 10. Voting had gone smoothly on 5 continents, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. Bulgarians in Los Angeles were the last to exercise their right to vote. Bulgarian citizens were able to..

10.06.24 09:09 |
The polling station in Brisbane

Low voter turnout in Australia, young people show interest in elections

Elections in Australia are proceeding normally, without any reported violations. However, voter turnout is lower as compared to the previous elections for MPs and Presidential elections. Bulgarians In New Zealand can vote only in the largest city,..

09.06.24 12:46 |

People with disabilities in Sofia vote in 14 polling stations

More than 300 people with disabilities are voting from their homes today in Sofia. They vote with mobile ballot boxes in 14 polling stations. The mobile teams will visit 16 districts of Sofia Municipality, where people with disabilities wanted to vote..

09.06.24 12:19 |

Bulgaria votes for National Assembly and European Parliament

Today is election day in Bulgaria, with voting for 17 Bulgarian members of the 720-seat European Parliament and for 240 members of the future 50 th National Assembly of Bulgaria. 32 political formations are taking part in the election race – 20..

09.06.24 07:10 |

CEC designates 769 polling stations in 60 countries for the parliamentary elections on June 9

The Central Election Commission has designated the establishment of 769 polling stations in 60 countries for the forthcoming parliamentary elections on June 9. The highest number of polling stations is in Turkiye – 166, followed by the United..

23.05.24 16:42 |

Voter turnout at the local election runoff in Bulgaria on November 5

One hour before the end of the second round of local elections in Bulgaria, turnout in Sofia was 33.4%. In Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second largest city, 22.7 per cent of voters went to the polls, 30.5 per cent in Varna and 40.2 per cent in Blagoevgrad,..

05.11.23 19:23 |
Rositsa Mateva

The longest ballot for the local election is in Sofia – 60 cm.

The Central Election Commission has shown samples of the paper and the e-ballots for the local election on 29 October for mayors and municipal councilors. The longest ballot will be for municipal councilors in Sofia – 60 cm. At this time, the..

17.10.23 15:20 |
Nikola Tulechki

"United for Fair Elections"announces the most frequent electoral violations

Transportation of voters, voting on behalf of other people, campaigning at polling stations - these are some of the electoral violations found by the observers from the "United for Fair Elections" on election day. In the village of Bukovlak (Pleven..

03.04.23 19:45 |
Tana de Zulueta, head of OSCE mission

OSCE: Voting secrecy violated in a number of polling stations

The head of the mission of international observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Tana de Zulueta, said that the secrecy of the vote was violated in a number of polling stations. She noted a number of concerns,..

03.04.23 17:00 |
98-year-old Cornelia, a committed voter, came to the polls accompanied by her son.

Low voter turnout at the elections for the 49th National Assembly in Bulgaria

There are 11,818 polling stations in the country, 9,366 of which will have machine voting. There are also mobile ballot boxes, polling stations in health and social care facilities, as well as on vessels and in penitentiaries. According to the electoral..

02.04.23 11:11 |
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