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The Rojen

The Rojen should return from port Ashdod in Israel during the weekend

The Bulgarian ship Rojen is expected to leave the Israeli port of Ashdod today or tomorrow, Captain Alexander Kalchev, CEO of the Bulgarian Shipping Company Navibulgar said. The ship was supposed to stay there until it is unloaded...

21.10.23 07:05 |

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure takes control over Rosenets oil port

The Bulgarian state enterprise "Ports Infrastructure" has received a license to operate the Rosenets oil port . This is what the Minister of Transport, Georgi Gvozdeikov, has told journalists. The minister arrived at the port to..

24.08.23 14:28 |

Fire at Port West in Burgas has been extinguished

The fire at Port West in Burgas, which polluted the air in the seaside city this morning , has been completely extinguished . The fire had engulfed a scrap and waste warehouse. Five fire engines and 14 firefighters worked..

22.12.22 17:24 |

Bulgarian ship "Rojen" will be the first to export Ukrainian grain from port of Chernomorsk

The Bulgarian bulk carrier "Rojen" will be the first vessel to export Ukrainian grain from the Ukrainian port of Chernomorsk, BNT has reported. A corridor is currently being organized and mines are being cleared. The ship is expected to leave in the..

28.07.22 18:50 |
The Port of Odessa after the attack

Russia attacks port of Odessa; The New York Times open office in Kyiv

Russian missile attack against on the port of Odessa caused minor damage to the infrastructure and injuries were reported. The strike was carried out with Kalibr cruise missiles. In a statement on Facebook, President Volodymyr Zelensky..

24.07.22 10:10 |

The Bohemian Rhapsody of Burgas during Socialism

Only in the port of Burgas life fills me with admiration! Thus Bulgarian poet Hristo Fotev began his poem Port (1969). He was one of the most inspiring poets of recent Bulgarian history and an emblematic personality of his native Burgas. Together..

02.07.22 09:10 |

The evacuated sailors from Mariupol arrive in Varna

The sailors from the "Tzarevna" ship have returned to Bulgaria. They were transported back to Bulgaria onboard a government plane which landed in Varna. After disembarking at the port of Mariupol, the sailors were taken by pro-Russian separatists to..

18.04.22 13:59 |
The Tzarevna

Wives of sailors from Tzarevna ship: They evacuated without help from the Bulgarian authorities

The Bulgarian sailors from the ship Tzarevna, stranded in the port of Mariupol, Ukraine, evacuated all by themselves, with no help from the Bulgarian authorities, the wives of the crew members stated.  According to them, their husbands made the..

14.04.22 18:26 |

Stranded ship Vera Su towed to port of Varna

On the 36th day after the ship "Vera Su" got stuck near the protected area of "Yailata", experts successfully towed it away from the rocks. The operation with the participation of 3 tow boats lasted more than 7 hours. The ship was..

26.10.21 09:39 |

Chargest raised against six customs officials

Prosecutors brought charges to six of the 25 officials arrested during a special police operation yesterday in the customs at the Varna-West port. On Sunday the Specialized Criminal Court will decide whether to leave 5 of them in the arrest, as they..

14.01.17 14:16 |
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