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Electricity prices on exchange surge to EUR 232.39

Electricity prices on many of Europe’s energy exchanges went up on Friday, in Bulgaria they rose by over 25%. At 232.39 euro (454.52 Leva) per MWh, the price of electricity placed Bulgaria among the top 5 countries with the highest prices..

21.10.21 19:34 |

Government votes on position for tackling high electricity prices

At today's meeting, the caretaker government decides on the Bulgarian position for the forthcoming European Council, which will discuss the issue of high energy prices and measures to solve the problem. This was announced last night..

19.10.21 07:50 |

Fuel prices will rise dramatically after 2023

Fuels will continue to rise in price due to higher world prices and the depletion of Bulgarian storage reserves accumulated at lower prices. In 2021, the price increase is by one third, the chairman of the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association Zhivodar..

07.10.21 10:30 |

Housing market in Bulgaria sees deals with real estate stagnant for years

Properties that have been "stagnant" on the Bulgarian real estate market for 8-10 years due to high prices demanded by the owners are now subject to transactions. Housing prices continue to rise, and the segment of houses near major cities remains..

05.10.21 17:46 |

Ministry of Interior and State Agency for National Security check Energy and Water Regulatory Commission

SANS and the Ministry of Interior have requested information from the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission and the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange, the two institutions have told BNR. They did not specify what the required..

23.09.21 15:13 |

Bulgarian industry calls for energy aid

The Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association has asked the government for a short-term measure to provide energy aid to Bulgarian business. The industry is calling for compensation for the consumed electricity in the period October 1..

21.09.21 12:42 |

Market unification with Romania would not affect electricity prices significantly

The forthcoming market union with Romania will not have a significant impact on electricity prices. This is what CEO of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange Konstantin Konstantinov said. Speaking to the parliamentary..

24.08.21 14:01 |

Effects of inflation in Bulgaria are already palpable

The rise in the price of electricity and fuels has led to rising food prices. Gasoline and diesel prices have been the highest since the beginning of the pandemic and are likely to continue to affect the chain, CITUB economist Lyuben..

22.08.21 13:53 |
Sunset over Pomorie

Tourist accommodation along Southern portion of Black Sea coast filled almost 100%

The seaside towns along the Southern portion of the Black Sea coastline are almost 100% full, and overnight accommodation prices have gone up by close to 20% since the beginning of July, after an enhanced interest in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast..

27.07.21 16:39 |

See how much sunbeds and beach umbrella cost this summer

In the height of summer we take a look at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast with its sandy and beautiful beaches, providing excellent conditions for sunbathing and swimming. How much does a sunbed and an umbrella on the beach cost this summer?..

06.07.21 16:48 |
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