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Real estate prices in Sofia have doubled

Real estate prices in Sofia have more than doubled for the past 14 months and they are expected to continue rising. 70% of the deals are for two- and three-room apartments. They are also the most expensive, Vasil Lyunchev, an analyst..

06.11.22 16:38 |

The rise in interest rates and the real estate market shrinkage will not affect real estate prices

There is a slight shrinking of the real estate market in the country during the third quarter of the year. According to latest expert data, despite the expected increase in interest rates and in inflation, housing prices are still going up because..

04.11.22 16:34 |
According to Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policies and Minister of Transport and Communications Hristo Alexiev, Bulgaria has the cheapest fuel in Europe.

Deputy PM Hristo Alexiev: Bulgaria has the cheapest fuel in Europe

The policy of the caretaker government in the processing and export of fuels aims to ensure more affordable prices for consumers and compliance with the EU legal framework, Hristo Alexiev, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policies and Minister of..

01.11.22 19:30 |

Staple foods prices in Bulgaria are growing more and more unaffordable

The household prices of heating, electricity, water and gas in Bulgaria have gone up by an average of 40%, but the rise is steepest with the prices of staple foods like sugar, meat, milk, bakery products at around 10% during the last quarter of the year..

26.10.22 14:30 |

Insufficient investments and inertial budgets are plaguing Bulgaria’s economy

Different professional groups in Bulgaria have been organizing protests with one sole demand – higher pay. The rise in the prices of electricity and heating, and in food prices has been a major challenge to family budgets. According to some..

25.10.22 12:36 |

Wholesale food prices in Bulgaria continue to rise

The wholesale food market price index (MPI)  has increased by 1.17% over the past week reaching 2.16 points. The base level of the index was set in 2005 at 1.000 points.  The MPI has increased by more than 6.75% over the past three months...

23.10.22 12:16 |
Caretaker Energy Minister Rossen Hristov.

Ministry of Energy to equalize gas, electricity and central heating bills

"One of our main initiatives is to introduce the same price for private consumers for gas, electricity and heating and thus avoid switching from one type of heating to another, said caretaker Energy Minister Rossen Hristov. The  proposal could come into..

21.10.22 22:23 |

How long will the price storm in Bulgaria rage?

The elections have passed but uncertainty about the future after them remains. To the expectations for a regular cabinet with a longer work horizon, people also add the hope that the MPs will try to control inflation and to raise incomes. Before the..

17.10.22 15:27 |
Caretaker Minister of Economy Nikola Stoyanov

The inflation peak has passed, caretaker government says

In November the price of natural gas is expected to fall once again, said Minister of Economy in the caretaker cabinet Nikola Stoyanov. He pointed out that the volumes of gas for the winter period have been provided. Unless there is an unexpected..

09.10.22 11:08 |
Rosen Hristov

Bulgaria is in favour of a ceiling on the prices of all gas imports into the EU

Bulgaria's Minister of Energy, Rosen Hristov, stated that measures to protect the Turkish Stream pipeline will be discussed in Bulgaria after the Nord Stream 1 and 2 explosions. After the EU Council meeting in Brussels, Rosen Hristov stated that..

30.09.22 17:01 |

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