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Over 60% of people in Bulgaria live on less than the subsistence salary level

A little over 1,450 Leva is the sum needed per month by an individual living in a one-person household, and a total of 2,616 Leva for the monthly upkeep of a three-member household - as is the most widespread model in Bulgaria at the moment (two..

23.04.24 14:53 |
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How much will Bulgarians spend this Easter?

You tell me what you have on your table so I can tell you what you are celebrating. This is a joking way of looking at the Bulgarian calendar of holidays from ancient times to the present day. The truth is that holiday meals have always been a very..

17.04.24 15:39 |

Housing prices in Bulgaria up by 10% in the space of one year

Home prices in Bulgaria have gone up by 10.1% during the fourth quarter of 2023, compared to the fourth quarter of 2022, with the prices of new homes up by 10.5%, and of existing houses – by 9.8%, indicate National Statistical Institute data released..

25.03.24 16:08 |

Can there be an end to the dictate of mobile operators on telecommunications services in the country?

The rise in the price of mobile services at the rate of annual inflation, which was announced in mid-January, came as a cold shower for a large number of affected users. The reason is that this is another element of the creeping upward inflation in the..

16.02.24 17:24 |
National Statistical Institute

Annual inflation has slowed down to 4.7%: National Statistical Institute

The annual inflation for December 2023 compared to December 2022 is 4.7%, while the average annual inflation for January-December 2023, as compared to January-December 2022 is 9.5%, indicate data of the National Statistical Institute. In December..

15.01.24 13:55 |

Property in Bulgaria is among the cheapest in Eastern Europe

Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna and Sofia are among the top 30 of 150 European cities in terms of real estate affordability, Dobromir Ganev of the National Real Estate Association told Radio Sofia. Bulgaria is the most affordable property investment..

05.01.24 18:31 |
Rumen Draganov

There are huge differences in tourist prices for the holiday season, Rumen Draganov says

“We should stick to the 2022 holiday season budgets. There is no reason to pay more during the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays,” said Rumen Draganov, Director of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism in an interview with the..

30.11.23 11:48 |

Bulgarian business wants compensations for expensive electricity

Energy-intensive enterprises in Bulgaria are threatened to limit or close production due to high electricity prices . In budget 2024, there is no money envisaged for energy compensations for businesses, for hospitals, schools,..

15.11.23 09:45 |

Experts report a decline in real estate transactions, but not in prices

There is a 12% decrease in the volume of transactions for the sale of real estate and an increase in prices by almost the same percentage. This is what experts in the field of real estate report at the annual conference of agents and brokers, which took..

03.11.23 21:10 |

Disproportion between price and salary increases is what is worrying people, experts say

“We have a calm market at the moment. But what is worrying people and making them nervous is the fact that incomes are lagging behind,” says Vladimir Ivanov, chairman of the Commodity Exchange and Wholesale Markets State Commission. He says there is..

20.10.23 15:24 |
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